SCREENCRUNCH: A heartwarming series with Deadpool, End of the F***ing World, and Scott Pilgrim vibes

If you follow every streaming service available out there, then you probably have heard that Amazon Prime is picking up a new old show called Wayne. And no, this isn’t a show about Batman (I first thought it was, too), but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t as satisfying. 

Wayne Screenshot 4 2020 10 29 120151 1024x637 - ‘Wayne’: A love story with a punch
Mark McKenna as Wayne (Screenshot from YouTube)

Wayne first streamed in 2019, as an original series on YouTube. It didn’t quite get a popular following, however, not because the show sucks but perhaps because of the barrier that is YouTube premium. Unlike its streaming service counterparts, YouTube Premium seems not to have been able to make a name for itself as a source of quality content, although it isn’t lacking in that department either. 

YouTube decided not to renew Wayne for a second season. Now, the show’s creators—Shawn Simmons (School of Rock), with producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Deadpool)—have found another channel to put the series out there. Wayne isn’t the first YouTube original series to have found a new home. Cobra Kai did it first by moving to Netflix. Does this mean that Wayne will be getting a second season? No one knows, as of the moment. 

But back to why Wayne is worth a watch, whether you’d be streaming it on Amazon Prime or on its original YouTube home. 

Wayne Screenshot 3 2020 10 29 120046 1024x654 - ‘Wayne’: A love story with a punch
Ciara Bravo as Del, with Mark McKenna’s Wayne (Screenshot from YouTube)

At its core, Wayne is a love story between the titular character, played wonderfully by Mark McKenna, and his crush-at-first-sight Del, portrayed by the equally talented Ciara Bravo. Sure, both aren’t yet household names, but after their performances in Wayne, it won’t be surprising if they soon become regulars in other shows. 

Both Wayne and Del come from a backwater town in Boston, and McKenna and Bravo deliver in terms of bringing that unique Boston twang in their dialogues. Well, ok, sometimes the accents aren’t consistent but it’s still fun hearing them exaggerate their ah’s and drop their t’s

But Wayne isn’t just a love story. It’s so much more. A coming-of-age story of sorts, it also doesn’t lack in pure, wholesome, unadulterated violence—hence the warning that comes with every episode that it isn’t for the faint of heart or for younger audiences. As Wayne and Del travel from Boston to Florida, they find themselves in a very Bonnie and Clyde-esque kind of adventure. Waynes’s tendencies to beat the heck out of anyone he thinks is a bully or is unfair adds a vibe that’s reminiscent of Deadpool or The End of the F***ing World or even Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Wayne Screenshot 2 2020 10 29 115934 1024x655 - ‘Wayne’: A love story with a punch
Mike O’Malley as the principal from Wayne’s school (Screenshot from YouTube)

Wayne really is just fun to watch. It’s a serious show that’s able to not take itself seriously. But it delivers its story in a refreshing way, by a mix of blood and violence wrapped in an almost innocent kind of sweetness. Add to this the impressive cast of supporting characters led by Mike O’Malley (Glee, The Good Place), Dean Winters (John Wick, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), and the wonderful Abigail Spencer (Mad Men, Suits) who was just spot on with her Boston twang. 

For being just a joy to watch, we give Wayne a 4.5 out of 5.

Here’s the first episode of Wayne, which you can watch for free on YouTube. 

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