ss01 1400x788 - ‘War of the Visions’ globally available now

Square Enix has released globally the new Final Fantasy Tactics game called, “War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.” It’s free on iOS and Android.

It features the same gameplay where you launch a five-unit team across a grid, moving them along and achieve win conditions (usually taking out all enemies.) In a way, it’s like playing chess, D&D, or Warhammer.

Sprites and environment received a massive shift in design, but character portraits remain faithful to the original 1997 Tactics design by Akihiko Yoshida.

Thancred - ‘War of the Visions’ globally available now

Pretty much like other games similar to War of the Visions, you can summon new characters to help you out in battle. Through in-app purchases you can get a chance to get some of these summoned characters into your main roster.

The game is a spin-off, so don’t expect direct connections to any of the main Tactics titles in the past. Instead, it takes place where the “Brave Exvius” titles are, which is another popular Final Fantasy mobile game.

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