The Department of Education said Wednesday that the teacher who used actress Angel Locsin as a example of an “obese person” might face sanctions based on the existing rules and regulations of the agency.

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Angel Locsin

In an interview with ANC Matters of Fact, DepEd Undersecretary for Curriculum and Instruction Diosdado San Antonio said that the matter involving a material body shaming Locsin has been brought to the attention of the concerned office and individuals.

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“We believe that the item was not acceptable and that has been withdrawn,” San Antonio said, referring to the material which went viral for mocking Locsin and accusing her of practicing an “unhealthy” lifestyle because of her weight.

San Antonio said that the DepEd office in that area “has taken action on how to proceed with the matter relative to the teacher’s mistake and we will see what our rules say relative to the actions of our fellow teacher.”

Asked what will happen to the teacher who was responsible for this material, San Antonio said that “there will be an administrative process that will be initiated and appropriate sanctions for that specific misstep of the teacher will be imposed after due process.”

San Antonio clarified that this was not part of the self-learning module distributed to the students but a “summative” test. “It’s the equivalent of the long quiz that would normally be done in a face-to-face setting, prepared by the teacher who handles the class,” he explained.

DepEd Schools Division of Occidental Mindoro, in an official statement issued Nov. 13, confirmed the said “mistake” which made by a male teacher for the students.

Schools Division Superintendent Roger Capa explained that the material is a “teacher-made assessment” for Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health of a Grade 10 class which was made to measure specific competencies of the learning area.

Capa said that his office had already communicated with the concerned teacher, gathered facts from him, and assured that matter will be given “serious” attention. He also appealed to the public to spare the teacher “from any ad hominem attacks as this single mistake will not define him as a person.”

In a response posted on her social media accounts on Nov. 15, Locsin said that DepEd must be held “accountable” for the mistake and that the teacher should apologize, especially to his students and other learners who have seen the material.

While DepEd recognizes that the specific incident was unacceptable, San Antonio noted that “occasional mistakes” crop up, with DepEd being the biggest bureaucracy with over 800,000 teachers on top of other non-teaching personnel. “We cannot really expect perfection among everyone (but) we are trying very hard to minimize them.”

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