To help them adjust while teaching under the new normal, public school teachers under the Department of Education (DepEd) continue to receive training on various topics.

09302020 ONLINESCHOOL ROMERO 5 1024x683 - Public school teachers receive specialized training under the ‘new normal’ in education

A three-day webinar has been organized for public school teachers to help them keep up with the demands of the new normal through free professional development training designed to provide teachers with essential knowledge and skills on digital literacy, blended learning, and 21st century learning methods.

From Oct. 27 to 29, public school teachers are enjoined to attend webinars that would cover various topics to help them become more efficient in teaching amid the pandemic.

During the first day of the webinar, parental engagement where teachers and parents can work together for home-school partnership was discussed.

On the second day, the webinar will focus on teaching reading in the context of distance learning as part of early language literacy.

On the last day, the webinar will focus on new approaches in instruction using digital learning. 

In August, public school teachers also attended the first webinar on Cybersecurity and Wellness. All these webinars are part of Globe’s Global Filipino Teachers (GFT) initiative.

The GFT is being implemented through a combination of webinars and downloadable self-paced materials for teachers to apply their learnings.

Launched in 2009, the GFT aims to deliver information and technology-based training to public school teachers across the country.

As the country shifted to remote learning this school year, Globe has partnered with Habi Education Labs and Teach for the Philippines for the GFT.

The Habi Education Lab is a non-profit organization known for developing progressive approaches to teaching that help foster creativity in the classroom. Teach for the Philippines, on the other hand, focuses its efforts on improving teacher quality and addressing education challenges at the system-level.

Both organizations are also recognized for their exceptional work in forwarding 21st century learning in public schools nationwide.

The GFT sessions, led by both organizations, have also been recognized by the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) of DepEd, which ensures all attendees obtain the knowledge and skills that are vital in these unusual and challenging times.

“We want to create new learning opportunities from the crisis and help our teachers see themselves as agents of change as they transition into remote and blended learning modalities,” Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto said.

“Through this professional development program, we hope to equip and empower them with the knowledge they need to become more effective in their role as educators,” she added.

The GFT Series is open to all teaching and non-teaching staff of DepEd in national, regional, and division offices, and to all public schools nationwide.

The webinars are streamed via the Globe Bridging Communities Facebook Page and is shared by DepEd on the main DepEd Philippines Facebook Page, as well.

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