Operatives of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) have recaptured a South Korean fugitive 60 hours after he beat up a policeman during his escape from a detention facility in Taguig City.

Yeong - Korean fugitive who beat up cop recaptured in Makati

Yeong Jun Lim was collared in front of the Union Bank in Makati City on Tuesday, almost three days after he and his companion beat up a duty guard of the CIDG at its District Field Unit in Taguig City on Oct. 10.

Yeong and his companion Hyeok Soo Kwon mauled the duty guard of the CIDG detention facility after duping the cop that they would go to the bathroom. They took the service firearm of the policeman before escaping.

Hyeok was recaptured a few hours later while hiding in a construction site in Taguig City. The stolen gun of the policeman was recovered from him.

Both Yeong and Hyeok are facing 10 years of jail terms in South Korea for their involvement in telephone fraud. Their names were included at the International Police Red Notice after they escaped Korea to hide in the Philippines.

The two were arrested a few weeks ago for alleged involvement in criminal cases involving cybersex operations.

Cases for Robbery, Frustrated Murder, and violations of Art 148 (Direct Assault) and 149 (Indirect Assault) of the RPC were filed against the two Koreans before the Prosecutors Office of Taguig City.   

On the other hand, a case of violation of Article 224 (Evasion through Negligence) of the Revised Penal Code  was filed against the duty jail officer before the Prosecutors Office of Taguig City. 

He will also be subjected to pre-charge investigation to determine his administrative liability. 

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