121qsdfdffd - Keeping data protected from breaches: Online privacy and keeping information safe paramount for businesses

The unprecedented growth of technology has made data protection and safety a bigger challenge more than ever for businesses, the government and individuals. A war is currently brewing, a war to protect information in whatever form and source, from falling into the wrong hands. It appears that there is no end in sight to this struggle, but many have vowed to keep fighting.

Last year alone, more than 2.2 billion data breaches occurred according to UK-based Comparitech.com, a pro-consumer website that provides information, tools and comparisons to help consumers from all over the world to research and compare tech services.

This staggering amount of stolen data made 2019 truly a big year with regard to data breaches. The breaches included stolen records, usually usernames and passwords while some involved the theft of sensitive financial data from a large number of websites, which are then sold on the dark web, the website explained.

As a whole, society, including businesses and individuals that use the internet, should remain vigilant against online threats that are not limited to simple data theft. These threats also include various forms of viruses like malicious software (malware), ransomware, spam, phishing or even “spear” phishing and other hacking attempts for illicit purposes that puts big businesses in danger.   Threats can even take the form of  cyber bullying, specifically on social networks, to wreak havoc and create confusion towards a brand.

Many Filipino companies are now aware of the global threat of data theft and have taken the issue seriously. This explains why they have begun to establish various data privacy protocols in compliance with Republic Act 10173 or the “Data Privacy Act of 2012” of the Philippines, including assigning a Data Protection Officer (DPO) for both local government units (LGUs) and private companies. This is to protect contacts’ or customers’ sensitive information among businesses and personal information of citizens making direct transactions with the government from these threats, where dire consequences can amount to millions of pesos in losses, not to mention lawsuits from those who may lose their sensitive data to online thieves.

Globe Telecom, being a strong advocate of privacy and information security, particularly cybersecurity and cyber wellness, is well aware of the importance of keeping one’s data safe.  Thus, the company joins the whole world on January 28 in celebrating “Data Privacy Day,” an international effort that seeks to create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust. This annual event started in the US and Canada back in 2008 with the signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty that deals with privacy and data protection.

The event seeks to educate consumers on how they can own their online presence and shows organizations how privacy is good for business. 

Here in the Philippines, Globe continues to help its business clients safeguard their digital journey by providing round-the-clock support from its Advanced Security Operations Centers (ASOC).  It also follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework that helps businesses Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover from Cybersecurity threats online.

For more about Globe Telecom, visit www.globe.com.ph.

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