B9298A3D D78B 4A45 9CFB BB68EFB30010 - Judy Ann Santos pens sweet message for 16-year-old daughter Yohan

Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo’s eldest daughter Yohan Agoncillo turned 16 years old last November 7, 2020.

With just their family at home, the Agoncillo family had a party at home to themselves over the weekend, together with their friends who joined virtually through an online conference.

In an Instagram post, Santos wrote Yohan a heartfelt message for her special day. “Happy sixteenth, baby love. Oh, how I wish I could still cuddle you from the day I fell in love with you,” Santos said. 

The actress said Yohan, who she adopted when she was still single, will always be her “first love.”

“You will always be my first love, sweetheart,” Santos said. “You are one of God’s greatest blessings and will forever be mommy and daddy’s girl! I know in my heart that we were meant to be.”

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