Now as Google Workplace, users will be able to use Gmail, Docs, Meet, Sheets, and Calendar in a single space, without having to open multiple windows. During collaborations you can open chat and start video calls on the same window without opening a new one.

G1 1024x378 - Google rebrands G Suite to Workplace

The biggest benefit of this rebranding is for users to have a simpler experience, with everything they might need found on a single window, without flipping through multiple ones.

Of course the rebranding is more than just integrating all the apps together. Google has added some new features and more will be rolling out in the coming weeks. An example of this is being able to open a Chat window or a video call during a presentation, cutting the need to Alt Tab or looking at your phone.

G4 - Google rebrands G Suite to Workplace

Just to clarify, Google is trying to clutter everything in one window. They’re just lessening the need to. For instance, you would need three windows for Gmail, Docs, and Meet. All of that can be found in a single window, allowing you to open a new one for other specific purposes.

So far, Google has focused on improving the Workplace for desktop, within Chrome. Mobile apps aren’t yet as developed and there’s no word when Google will start working on that.

G3 - Google rebrands G Suite to Workplace

Pricing starts at $6, but is currently slashed down to $4.20 a month. There are three more pricing tiers that includes more users, more cloud storage, and enhanced security.

Google has promised third-party options will not be affected. If you prefer to use Zoom or Slack, you can still do so. But it won’t share the Workplace’s single window features.

With how the traditional workplace is rapidly changing now, we can expect Google to fast track other developers on their Workplace to entice more users into their platform.

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