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Cherry Mobile unveiled a month ago the limited edition “Tulfone” that features the icon of Justice, “Raffy Tulfo”.  The limited edition Tulfone was first seen given to Tatay Alexander who was wrongfully accused; but was then defended by Raffy in his popular YouTube show “Raffy Tulfo in Action”.  Since then, fans and followers alike have been curious not only of what actually happens to Tatay Alexander but also about this “iconic” smartphone shared by Raffy Tulfo.
Inspired by what Raffy Tulfo is known for (he is known to defend the impoverished and the helpless) this smartphone is truly one for the masses.  Here is a closer look on the limited edition “Tulfone”.
1. Red for determination and passion
This special edition “Tulfone” is Cherry Mobile’s popular Flare S7.  The Flare S7 “Tulfone” that reached the MB office came in red.  This fiery device clearly stood for passion and determination; much like its featured icon whose passion is to serve and who is always determined to help.   The Flare S7 smartphone features a 5.5-inch HD + IPS Trueview 18:9 display screen and a 13MP + 2MP front-facing camera.  On its rear you’ll find the 2 camera systems (13MP, 2MB and a LED flash), a fingerprint sensor and a “Raffy Tulfo in Action” embossed at the its bottom end.  Its design and form factor is sleek and easy to hold and handle even with one hand use.  It is also available in color and white.
2. A smartphone truly for the masses.
The Tulfone is a smartphone for the masses and much like its icon “Raffy Tulfo” who not only is a broadcast journalist but a public servant as well, it is no surprise that this smartphone is one that the majority would surely love.  This budget phone does not only look good but functions competently as well.  It has all the basic functionalities of a smartphone that is good enough for one’s daily tasks and since it comes in Android 8.1 Oreo, users are sure to enjoy all the sweet and enhanced features this Android OS has.  Most often, security comes with a price.  With this special edition “Tulfone”, apart from having a fingerprint sensor, this smartphone has a face unlock feature.  It comes with a 4G LTE connectivity for the fastest connection to mobile internet that is 10x faster than 3G!   Take note too that it comes with a USB Type C port.
3. Smartly Raffy
This smartphone screams “Raffy”!  Not only does it come with its eye-catching “Tulfo”- inspired box; but the phone has quite a number of features reminiscent of the idol Raffy.   Take its special ringtone –  the smartphone features the idol’s  catchy IDOL RAFFY ringtone.  The tone will surely make the fans smile, bob and dance with their heads or perhaps tap their foot to its upbeat tune.  The phone also sports the IDOL wallpaper and the amusing Tulfie app.  Fancy a selfie with your idol Raffy?  Now, fans can take virtual selfie with Raffy Tulfo through the Tulfone’s Tulfie App.  It features images of Raffy Tulfo both in still or animated images.
The limited edition “Tulfone” is available exclusively in Lazada and Raffy Tulfo In Action Instagram page.

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