By Lionell Go Macahilig

Amid the many things happening in the world today, apart from the COVID-19 crisis and the social-political protests taking place across the globe, most likely, nobody can remember everything yet everybody wants to be remembered in some way. In the same way how brands leave a memorable impression to people, people become memorable through marketing.

file - Digital or traditional, marketing can create a better world

Dr. Fahim Kibria (left), Kotler Impact’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), at the first World Marketing Summit (WMS) in the Philippines.

“Everybody does marketing today and they don’t know that they’ve been actually doing it,” said Dr. Fahim Kibria, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Kotler Impact Inc. “You’re a brand, I’m a brand. If we are a brand, it means that we are selling ourselves. We are presenting, talking, and running around but we don’t understand that we are actually doing marketing.”

In February, Kotler Impact made history for holding its first World Marketing Summit (WMS) in the Philippines. Spearheaded by Professor Philip Kotler, a renowned marketing guru known as the “Father of Modern Marketing,” the WMS has been running since 2011 with the ethos “Creating A Better World Through Marketing.” Another leg of WMS is set in November this year.  

“People do not have enough time to remember everything but we teach them to remember only one thing which is to feel good and do good for others. That is the essence of marketing or the very essential part of it. This is the reason why we want to start with the WMS,” Kibria added.

He explained that people market themselves, regardless of their profession or status. People in the government, like politicians, are among the best marketers. Exemplifying the incumbent United States (US) President Donald Trump, Kibria said that politicians realized that they should also do marketing and hire marketing agencies for them after Trump’s win in 2016.  

In addition, the government itself is actually a good marketer and agencies under it do marketing whether it is the customs, immigration, or police bureau. With the easing of quarantine measures in the Philippines and in other countries, the coming months will be a good opportunity for the government to use marketing as a tool to promote tourism.

“The Philippines is a great country but how can you add more value to it? How can you make it to be in the bucket list of everybody and encourage people to visit the country even once in their life?,” Kibria asked.  

He continued saying that marketing can help people make a difference in their own life, society, and the whole world. Putting emphasis once again on his company’s ethos, he concluded: “Learn marketing for the betterment of yourself, family, society, country, and the world. We are confident that we can create a better world through marketing because it is a prime factor in life.”

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