CARMONA, Cavite – Unlike most local government units (LGU) now allowing residents aged 15 years old to go out, the municipal government announced on Wednesday (October 21) its decision to raise the minimum travel age restriction to 18 years old.

000 8Q33GA - Carmona LGU raises minimum travel age restriction to 18 years old

According to the municipal government, LGUs were given the authority to raise the recommended minimum travel age restriction according to their judgment, and the local policy has been approved by the Office of the Provincial Governor.

The Municipal Information Office said that there are several reasons behind the policy. First, the age bracket of 15 to 18 years old is most likely in junior high, senior high, and first year college. Thus, the move is meant to encourage them to stay at home to attend their online classes and do their school work.

In addition to that, the Philippine National Police-Carmona (PNP-Carmona) identified the same age group as most likely to roam around and go out for non-essential travel.

The number of reported coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases in Carmona has significantly decreased over the past weeks and the LGU hopes to sustain the trend.

The municipal government says it’s willing to reassess the policy depending on its impact on the community over the coming weeks.

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