Gizmo 1024x663 - A reliable, one-stop online shop for gizmos

Amid the pandemic, many turned to online shopping as an alternative to social distance and stay safe while still being able to purchase items they need.

As online shopping becomes bigger, so does the dangers that come with it. By now we can assume everyone knows about fraudulent websites that will try to steal your credit or debit card info. As long as you’re aware where you’re buying your items from, you can rest easier, knowing your information is at least tucked away safe.

But the bigger issue here is sometimes the products that arrive to your doorstep isn’t exactly what you are expecting. Imagine ordering a box of face masks online and what is delivered to you is literally a box for face masks. Normally these kinds of risks can happen from third-party sellers that have no name and are untrusted. They will continue to bait people into buying their false products using pretty pictures and carefully constructed words to mislead potential buyers.

While there are a number of reliable sellers out there, one that has recently caught the eye of the Manila Bulletin TechNews is Gizmo Central. It’s a one-stop electronics store that ranges from mobile devices to accessories.
Under Gizmo Central they have catered some of the most popular and affordable Android devices, both smartphone and tablets from Samsung, Huawei, realme, OnePlus, vivo, Xiaomi, Tecno, and Alcatel. This includes wearables such as Huawei GT2 Smartwatch, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, realme Buds Air 2, , and Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphone 2 Basic, among others.

Gizmo3 1024x534 - A reliable, one-stop online shop for gizmos

If you need a new laptop, Gizmo Central has a slew of Huawei MateBooks to choose from. Other accessories include screen protectors, cases for Samsung phones, Xiaomi tripods and selfie stick, a Mi Box to make your TV smart and stream on Netflix, speakers, routers, and an air pump compressor — for anyone who might need that.

Gizmo2 - A reliable, one-stop online shop for gizmos

Amid the health crisis, Gizmo Central has a number of health products, including an air purifier, vacuum, face shields, face masks, UV lamps, and an air purifer necklace — which we’re actually very interested to check out.
There’s also a “Sale” menu in the Gizmo Central website, prompting you to products that currently have slashed prices. It’s a nice shortcut to find out what’s hot on the list.

Go on and check out their website and see for yourself what else they have in store.

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