The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has instructed revenue district officers nationwide not to require owners of real estate properties to present certificates of zonal values in the computation of taxes for the payment of capital gains tax and other one-time transactions (ONETT).

bir - Payment of capital gains tax no longer requires zonal value certificate — BIR

Instead, Revenue Memorandum Circular 115-2020 signed by BIR Commissioner Caesar Dulay ordered  concerned revenue officers to get the zonal values through the bureau’s website.

The information can be accessed through

The zonal valuation schedule can also be reached by clicking the “Zonal Values” under the Quick Links in the BIR Website-Home Page.

The circular stated, however, that property owners may get the zonal valuation certificate themselves for their transactions with other government agencies, or private entities.

It said that the document must be secured with the revenue district office which has jurisdiction over the property.

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