Manny Pacquiao’s family remains active during community quarantine by joining the People’s Champ during his workout.

A video posted on Jinkee Pacquiao’s Facebook page shows Pacman, with his wife and children Jimuel, Michael, Mary, Queenie and Israel, going through a typical boxing workout.

pakyaw20200325 - Pacquiao and family stay fit during community quarantine
Manny Pacquiao (left) trains wife Jinkee at home to keep themselves busy during community quarantine. SCREEN GRABBED FROM JINKEE PACQUIAO’S FACEBOOK VIDEO

Among the physical drills the Pacquiao family performed are joint mobility exercises for shoulders, elbows and ankles, hamstring stretch, side bends, triceps stretch, shadow boxing, agility ladder, jump rope and focus mitt work.

Limuel, who is following his father’s footstep as a boxer, displayed his punching prowess as his father holds the mitts. Jinkee, too, showed her moves including bobbing and weaving during the mitt drills.

The Pacquiao family, like the rest of the world, is staying indoors as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on.


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