Concert King Martin Nievera, who owns one of the most beautiful voices in the local music scene, is not showing signs of slowing down – at least in his career.

For Martin, there’s still so much to be done in his career as a singer and he has big dreams.

“I haven’t peaked yet. I want to be a big name in the international scene like Lea Salonga. I want to be a household name abroad,” says Martin during a virtual press conference after he signed up again for Vicor Music Corporation on Wednesday.

But the Filipino-American singer admitted that he is ready in case his dream of being recognized abroad does not turn out the way he’d hoped, planned or expected.

“I’ve already come to terms with that. It’s very important I told myself don’t quit. A singer worth watching is the one that has still a lot of fire. I need to tell myself that I still look forward to becoming a household name like Lea Salonga but I have to keep pushing,” he said.

At 58, Martin hopes to take his career to the next level under Vicor Music Corporation.

“It’s a no brainer when they asked me to join Vicor Records once again. It’s magical,” he says, when asked how he feels about his “homecoming.” He was only 19 when he recorded his songs for the iconic label.

Martin got sentimental when he realized that the music scene has changed a lot due to technology.

“Hindi na uso ang CD signing. I hope to bring back the heydays when we used to sign albums. This generation is whole new to me. We’re not doing albums anymore. This is more nostalgic. We hope to relive the old days. Ngayon copy paste and copy paste na ang mag-record. I hope to bring that back. I’m 38 years in business. I don’t want something new. I want something that’s permanent. Something that fits,” he said.

martin16 1 - Martin Nievera: ‘I haven’t peaked yet’
Martin Nievera

Vicor Music has announced that it will soon release a special edition of Martin’s six albums in vinyls.

Martin blasted the music scene with the ballad “Holiday” which became the lead single of his debut album “Martin…Take One” in 1982. The album went platinum in five months. Later he delivered more hits such as “Pain,” “Be My Lady,” “Each Day With You,” “Gotta Look For It,” “Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin,” “Christmas Won’t Be The Same (Without You),” etc. 

Martin has released 26 studio albums, 2 live albums, 10 compilation albums, and 2 holiday albums. He has recorded 33 singles. Martin has also conquered the concert scene, movies, and has become one of the most sought-after talk show hosts in the country.

Asked how he feels that his songs are still very much alive on the radio these days, Martin said: “It’s very flattering. Even the kids are doing videos about my songs. It’s really flattering.”

These days, Martin said that his biggest challenge in life is how to stay positive. “This 2020 is really pounding on us.” He said that he’s a good boy now, a far cry from his younger days when he admitted at being “mayabang” and unapproachable at times.

When Martin left Vicor, he later signed up with six other recording companies until he decided to come back to his first recording studio.

“I really don’t know why I left Vicor that time. I don’t remember anymore. But it’s not about the money. I really can’t remember anymore. Many people are asking me why I haven’ re-recorded my old hits. I can do that with Vicor this time,” he said.

With so many hit songs to his credit, what could be his favorite song of all? Martin said: ” ‘Say That You Love Me.’ I never get tired of singing that song.”

Vicor CEO and founder Boss Vic Del Rosario said: “Martin will be the momentous start of greater things to come from Vicor. We have great plans for this label and you will hear of it soon.”

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