Hunk actor Marco Gumabao has surprised the online world with his revelation that he once courted young actress Julia Barretto.

In the pilot episode of Julia’s “#DrinkAndSpill series,” on YouTube, Marco, 26, sat as her guest as they talked about their friendship, matters of the heart, among others while Marco applies make-up on Julia as they drink tequila.

Julia, who’s been friends with Marco for six years now, asked Marco if there was ever a time that he got attracted to her. Marco replied: “Kapal ng mukha nito!”

marks9 - Marco Gumabao recalls ‘wrong timing’ in courting Julia Barretto
Marco Gumabao

“Oh my god! Seryoso ka ba, tinatanong mo iyan?,” reacted Marco, who was apparently surprised with the unexpected question.

Julia could only tease that Marco should just answer the question “truthfully.”

“Oo naman,” said Marco.

“Back story lang. Before, siyempre, lagi kaming magkakasama every week. Like three times a week, magkakasama kami, minimum iyon, as in. So siyempre mahihirapan kang hindi ma-attract sa kaibigan mo, ‘di ba?” he noted. “Pero thankful rin ako na we stayed as friends because solid ko talagang kaibigan si Julia. Minalas siya kasi hindi niya ako sinagot. Dumaan naman ako before sa phase na I liked Julia. Bata pa talaga kami noon.”

5julia 2 - Marco Gumabao recalls ‘wrong timing’ in courting Julia Barretto
Julia Barretto

Marco noted that back then Julia was 18 or 19 years old, while he was in his early 20s.

Julia also added that then she was “heartbroken” and “wasn’t ready to be in any relationship yet.” Marco said his move was “wrong timing.”

“You know, what’s great about that event happening in our friendship? We were never awkward after that and it never really did anything bad for our friendship. In fact, I think it made it stronger. Like as for him, I told him at that time, I said, I respect you so much,” she related. “Sinabi ko naman sa kanya na I am so proud of you and it’s so brave of you to tell me how you feel about me, and I appreciate it. At that time, I wasn’t ready yet.”

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