LOS ANGELES: A day following an energy-draining Friday, Manny Pacquiao gave himself a full day’s rest on Saturday (Sunday in Manila) to recover lost strength.

No, two days, including Sunday, which traditionally is a non-boxing day during the period of training for a fight.

The fighting senator from the Philippines, WBA’s regular welterweight crown-holder is currently in deep preparation for his coming duel with “super” 147-pound champ Keith Thurman set July 20 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.


For the third time last Friday, the 40-year-old climbed the five-mile Griffith Park mountains under pelting rains in the process sapping his strength and forcing him to dispense with his gym workout that would have sent him working the mitts with training consultant Freddie Roach in the afternoon of the same day.

pacquiao20190624 - Manny does not have to kill himself training – Somodio
Manny Pacquiao trains his abdominal muscles at the Griffith Park parking lot in Los Angeles, California. PHOTO BY WENDELL ALINEA

To make matters worse, he, too, had to attend the long seven-hour taping of an episode at the Fox television studio here which was part of marketing scheme to promote the fight.

Cancelled was Saturday’s fans day, a regular fixture in Pacquiao’s training held at the Pan Pacific Park here after his roadwork as well as the subsequent gym activities late in the day.

“Napagod ng husto si Boss sa haba ng araw niya kahapon (the Boss got so tired for that long day yesterday),” assistant trainer Roger “Haplas” Fernandez told this writer by way of explaining the cancellation of the workout schedules.


“Ang haba ng tinakbo sa umaga, tapos nag-taping pa ng pitong oras sa hapon (He had a long roadwork in the morning then had another taping in the afternoon.”

Haplas allayed fears, though, that such delays would affect the preparedness program the training team has been following since arriving from Manila Saturday last week. “Hindi naman, kondisyon na si Boss. Kayang-kaya niya n’yan.”

Marvin Somodio, a former assistant of Roach at his Wild Card Gym and hired by Pacquiao himself to help inn the training, agreed, saying the eight-division champion, indeed, badly needs the rest.

‘Manny has yet to recover from the jet lag brought about by the tedious 13-hour flight from Manila just a week ago, “Somodio, said. “Sa totoo lang, a person needs at least 14 days to fully recover from jet lag.”

“In the case of Manny, he can recover in a short period of time because he’s an athlete,” Somodio explained. “Problem is after only two days following his arrival in LA sumabak na agad sa ensayo. That’s not enough.“

Somodio said there’s nothing to worry about since there’s still plenty of time left before the July 20 title confrontation.

“We still have the luxury of time to catch up for lost time. At saka hindi pa naman kawalan ng panahon ang nangyari. It’s good these things happened at this stage of our build up program. Mabuti na ito kesa ma-injure si Manny o magkasakit,” he reasoned out.

Somodio stressed that fighters have to sacrifice almost everything in training, trainers must see to it that they, too, must enjoy what they’re doing.

“Manny doesn’t have to kill himself preparing for a fight,” he emphasized.






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