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In its 120 years of being the country’s longest-running newspaper, the Manila Bulletin continuously ventures into various avenues of information to augment its print platform.

Recognizing the need to bring more awareness to the public about health and fitness, it introduced Crosstrain.PH, a quarterly magazine that promotes overall well-being through functional fitness or crossfit.

By definition, functional fitness pertains to a type of training which can be applied in common situations of everyday life. Unlike other categories of exercises, functional fitness mimics daily common movements and activities to efficient and high-intensity workouts.

It’s made not just for reasons like strengthening core stability or helping a person gain muscle or lose weight, but also to make daily activities easier. For some, functional fitness is also the missing bridge to connect them to their long overdue fitness journey.

As one of the firsts, if not the first and only publication in the country that caters to everything related to functional fitness, on the pages of Crosstrain.PH are real-life accounts and credible bits of information about health, nutrition, fitness, well-being and everything in between.

With stories of triumph told by athletes and fitness enthusiasts, on a bigger scale, Crosstrain.PH sends a message that motivation can be anything and can be found anywhere – all one needs to do is to have the desire and the discipline.

And who’s more fitting to be the epitome of motivation and discipline than multi-medalist Filipino weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz? Gracing the cover of Crosstrain.PH’s maiden issue launched in October 2018, Diaz talked about the challenges and the struggles she had to face before reaching the world stage in sports.

Joining Diaz in the roster of Crosstrain.PH’s features are CrossFit practitioners Gino and Dino Mercado, who both consider getting into functional fitness as their pledge to help others gain confidence and feel better about themselves.

“To learn CrossFit, you need a coach. That’s where we became coaches, our passion teaching a beginner, the best thing we want to do. We saw the coaching side of CrossFit in making people become better,” shared Dino as published on the second issue of Crosstrain.PH.

Functional fitness is also slowly gaining attention in the local scene, thanks to Crossfit coaches and up and coming Philippine-based Crossfit athletes Isabelle Wolfe ad Rocky Dorjsembe who have proven their mettle by clinching various competitions.

In an interview with Crosstrain.PH, Wolfe described Crossfit as something that changed her more than just in the physical aspect. “It also changed me emotionally. I’m a lot more confident in myself,” she said.
For Dorjsembe, Crossfit made him stronger. “I take Crossfit as a lifestyle – it’s a way to eat, way to train, and also a way to behave. You’ll become a better and healthier person.

Diaz, the Mercado twins, Wolfe, and Dorjsembe are all part of a larger Crossfit community in the Philippines.
Watch out as Crosstrain.PH continues to shed light on the essence of functional fitness on its upcoming fourth issue.

Be in the know about the local Crossfit scene through http://www.crosstrain.PH/ and, and subscribe to fresh copies of Crosstrain.PH’s quarterly issues at Manila Bulletin offices and leading Crossfit boxes across Metro Manila.

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