Rather than being just a piece of eye-catching accessories, tech enthusiasts have grown to appreciate smartwatches for their wide array of functions that promote health, fitness, convenience, and productivity.

Proving to be a versatile brand that knows how to cater to the changing needs of tech consumers, OPPO has unveiled its first smartwatch offering in the Philippines, the OPPO Watch 41mm. Blending modern technology with the health needs of today’s users, the OPPO Watch 41mm delivers a smart fitness buddy in a premium compact device.

After putting it into the test, here are its top features that make it worthy to be on the list of must-haves and good-buys for both tech and fitness buffs, especially during this new normal.

It syncs up to your life.

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First things first, it’s fitting to highlight how easy it is to set up and connect the OPPO Watch 41mm to a smartphone. Since it’s powered by Wear OS, Google’s operating system for wearables, synchronizing data, and downloading any of the 15,000 apps from the Google Play Store are all breezy tasks.

It’s a health coach right in the wrist.

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What makes the OPPO Watch 41mm a cut among the others is the advanced algorithm OPPO has planted on this device. With four optical sensors, the OPPO Watch 41mm can accurately track real-time heart rate which is important especially during workouts. It also helps users have a comprehensive overview of sleeping hours.

The OPPO Watch 41mm also doesn’t miss on reminding users to be fit and healthy without being intimidating. With its built-in HeyTap Health app, it can track and monitor a wide array of exercises, including extreme workouts like outdoor cycling and swimming. For those in the early stages of their fitness journey, the app also offers beginner-friendly 5-minute workout guides.

With Google Fit as an addition that syncs up the HeyTap app, the OPPO Watch 41mm provides efficient exercise tracking, with statistics like steps, workout time, calories, and activity sessions easily accessible in just a swipe on the watch.

While its advanced exercise sensors are there for active days, this smartwatch can also be a useful companion for when users just want a quiet time as it also comes with guided breathing exercises for quick breaks.

It doesn’t miss an update.

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Ask around what it is about smartwatches that make them all about productivity and an answer most likely to surface is how efficient these devices are in delivering important day-to-day updates and notifications. The OPPO Watch 41mm raises the bar in this department as its generous screen makes it easy for users to read text messages, emails, and social media notifications and calendar reminders.

The OPPO Watch 41mm even allows users to reply to texts and emails through custom messages — not just templated ones — using its full-fledged keyboard displayed on the smartwatch. It also connects seamlessly with apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and more, so you’re sure not to miss an important message, even when you’re in the middle of sit-ups.

It’s intuitive and easy to use.

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Ease of use is definitely one of the charms of the OPPO Watch 41mm. Using it for a week didn’t leave any trace of lags and setbacks but rather a smooth and responsive screen. Navigating through the smartwatch is also a seamless activity as it has uncomplicated user controls, making it easier to switch from controlling your Spotify workout playlist to monitoring your heart rate and calories burned. A swipe to the left reveals the smartwatch’s home tiles while the opposite direction brings users to Google Assistant. Sliding down the screen shows the settings while notifications are available when swiping up.

Similar to how OPPO smartphones have the VOOC flash charging system, the OPPO Watch 41mm can also be refueled in lighting speed — all thanks to its high-end internals comprised of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 and the Ambiq Micro Apollo Wireless SoC.

When used under the power saving mode, this smartwatch can last up to14 days of battery life. Under Smart Mode, it can provide up to 24 hours of operations at most. This is where the OPPO Watch 41mm shines the most — it can equate a 15-min charge to 30 percent of battery life and can be fully recharged in 75 minutes, much faster compared to similar products in the market.

Count on it to be stylish.

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The OPPO Watch 41mm comes in black, perfect for the modern-day user.The body of the watch itself is intricately made from an aluminum alloy which provides that premium look and feel that’s further complemented with its vivid 1.6-inch rectangular rigid AMOLED screen in 320 x 360 resolution protected by Gorilla Glass.

Through the Wear OS app, users can easily pick and interchange the watch face of the OPPO Watch 41mm. While options are currently limited, OPPO is sure to add more designs through future updates of the watch.

Another feature unique to the OPPO Watch 41mm is its Outfit-Matching AI watch face which automatically chooses a watch face design according to the outfit the user is wearing. This also works through the Wear OS app where users could upload a photo of their outfit of the day, and OPPO Watch’s cutting-edge AI algorithm will quickly generate a watch face look that complements the overall look.

From its advanced health features down to the functions that matter the most, the OPPO Watch 41mm is an innovation users can rely on while juggling day-to-day schedules for work and working out.

The new OPPO Watch 41mm is now available for PhP 12,990 in all OPPO concept stores, official dealer partners, and exclusive e-commerce partner Lazada. For more information, visit OPPO’s official website at www.oppo.com/ph or its official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.

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