By Carmela Martinez

NBA superstar Lamar Odom said on Sunday that he will come back to the professional basketball scene, and perhaps even continue playing in the Philippines.

Lamar Odom IG 3 - Lamar Odom to continue playing pro basketball

Lamar Odom

“Yeah, I’mma play professional basketball again. Maybe in the Philippines or something like that. But, that’s just another setback. When one thing gets taken from you, another beautiful thing pops up,” he said in an interview with TMZ Sports.

The two-time NBA champion fell into a coma due to drug abuse.

He was recovering from this setback in 2018 when he decided to join the Philippines’ Mighty Sports ballclub to compete in the 2019 Dubai International Basketball Tournament.

He joined Ice Cube’s BIG3 to jumpstart the return to his career, but was one of the players who was “deactivated” from the 3-on-3 league early July.

When asked if he will try to enter the BIG3 again he said, “I don’t know, it depends, maybe next year,”

Odom is working for the company, MicDrop where he’s taking up motivational speaking.

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