Host and mom-of-two Issa Litton shares why it’s important to make an impact—offline and online

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With everything now being done online, even meetings and parties, we only have a short window of opportunity to make our presence felt. Issa Litton, who has been holding workshops on events hosting since 2019, thought of offering a module on online hosting. “Not everyone wants to be a host, but everyone can improve their online communication skills as there is no escaping this medium nowadays,” shares the chief operations officer and head trainer of 1Lit Corp. Hence, the birth of a new course—Online Impact: Upgrade your online presence and delivery.

“This is for everyone who wants to improve themselves, learn skills when it comes to online communication such as presenting slides or decks, delivering speeches, selling, delegating instructions or tasks, teaching, instructing, coaching, dealing with customers, colleagues, employees, and the like,” explains Issa. She also has a specialized course on Navigating the Flow: Online interviews and moderating. “This is a specialized skill set and I really break down what I’ve learned from different business and lifestyle shows, events, and conferences to create a standard or professionalize interviews and moderating for a more focused discussion and engaging flow between the interviewer and interviewees. There is a market for podcasts, live streams, and people starting their own talk shows.” And now that physical gatherings for holiday parties are not encouraged by the government, Issa foresaw this predicament and is working on a third course—on how to host online games and parties. 

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Overall, Issa’s webinars are a great help to anyone who’s alway online for meetings and events. Parents would benefit a lot from these talks. “Parents set the example for their kids on how to manage online time and communication. Not just for school, dealing with teachers or school/sports/arts administrators but even when you shop, have catch-up sessions with friends, exercise, maybe even host parties (for your family gatherings or for your kids). It’s also good to establish barangay or village connections.”

For one, parent-teacher conferences will be under a stricter time frame, so if one can project well and converse clearly, this will save a lot of time for both parties. As for parents who squeeze in meetings or work-from-home, Issa shares, “ Parents can be better equipped with knowledge on how to navigate different online mediums, look and feel great,  have presentable backgrounds, set up their online communication spaces, and know what they can use (items around the home) without spending unnecessarily.

Issa also offers private bookings, even group upon request. “Some prefer to be around those they are comfortable with. What’s nice is when companies or groups of friends do group bookings, they become each other’s support system, correcting each other or reminding each other about the tips they picked up from our webinar.  And also, no need to wait for a public webinar date offering or rely on walk-ins.”

“Not everyone wants to be a host, but everyone can improve their online communication skills as there is no escaping this medium nowadays.”

And lastly, when asked what are the best compliments she has received from her students, she says, “They connect more with whoever it is they are speaking to—whether it’s a meeting, a presentation or selling to a potential client. From parents, it’s that they are more comfortable or at par with their kids who are more well-adapted to online platforms. And from parents who had their kids join our webinars—like one who was applying for college and was preparing for college interviews; and another so that they can be more participative in online learning—the parents said they were very grateful.” 

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