Every year people struggle with their fitness goals, whether these include losing weight, hitting the gym more, training for an upcoming event, or just eating healthier. Many start off strong only to have their resolutions dissolved into nothing after a few weeks.

The common problem here is that most people usually think that in order to have an effective workout, they need to buy their own gym equipment or they need to apply for a gym membership — which are both relatively expensive.

Another reason would be the lack of time. People who have a hectic work schedule cannot commit themselves to go to the gym.

Contrary to the statements above, here’s a quick list of four workout routines which one can do anywhere in a short span of time, even without gym equipment:


push up - Get back in shape without hitting the gym

What’s a list of simple workout routines without the most common one? Push-ups are an effective way to strengthen and tone the chest, shoulders and triceps.

Position: Chest and hips on the floor, hands on the side of the body.

Movement: Press the floor with your hands until the elbows lock, chest and hips rise up at the same time. The torso should stay straight at all times. To return, lower your torso to the floor in a controlled manner

Reverse dips using a chair

reverse - Get back in shape without hitting the gym

This is something that one can do anywhere as long as there’s a bench or a chair to support body weight. Reverse dips is an exercise intended for the triceps.

Position: Hands on the chair seat and beside the hips, elbows locked. Hips are close to the chair and knees bent.

Movement: Slowly bring the hips down until the elbows are at a 90-degree angle. With less assistance of the feet, extend the elbow and bring your torso back at the starting position.

Bodyweight squat

squat - Get back in shape without hitting the gym

A bodyweight squat exercise proves that there really are no excuses to miss your fitness goals, since with this, you don’t need any equipment at all. This is a strengthening routine for the lower body and it touches the major muscles of the legs.

Position: Feet position shoulder-width apart, torso straight, knees and hips are locked out.

Movement: The hips move back and down, knees move in line with the toes and as you descend, raise the arms up and while bringing the hips below the knee. To stand, brace your core and squeeze your glutes

Wall sits

wall - Get back in shape without hitting the gym

One of the main advantages of this workout is that it focuses on whole body and body weight compound movements that will keep the heart rate pumping because of the limited rest involved. Once the workout becomes easy, one may add more reps and increase the time cap for more intensity.

Position: Back rested on the wall, while in a squat position, brace the core and quads. Hold the position for a few seconds.

The following movements are to be done as EMOM (every minute on the minute). The first minute will be for 10 push-ups and 10 reverse dips, with the remainder of the time allotted for rest. The following minute will be a 10 bodyweight squat and 20 seconds of wall sits. The time cap for this workout is 10 minute.

These are just a few of the many exercises that can be done effectively and properly without needing to go to gym. Curious for more? Get a dose of what’s hot in the functional fitness or Crossfit scene through Crosstrain.PH, a quarterly magazine of the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation that tackles health and wellness.

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