Khalil Ramos is the newest addition to GMA  Artist Center. 

During an online press conference on Oct. 14, Khalil shared his plans and his feelings about being a Kapuso. 

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1) What contract did you sign with GMA?

“My contract is an exclusive contract with GMA Artist Center. and it’s a long-term exclusive contract.”

2) You’ve been in the industry for nine years; what kind of lessons do you want to keep from those years now that you’re a Kapuso?

“Pakikisama. Being as kind as possible it’s the single thing that would bring you so many blessings. Just being kind and there’s really no harm in being kind to people and the people you work with.”

3) Who would you want to work with?

“I’m actually a fan and a good friend of Jasmine Curtis-Smith. We haven’t worked together pero ang solid siguro kung magkaka-project kami together because we both share the passion for the craft. Another is Janine Gutierrez and I want to work with her. I’m a fan of her work. Given the chance in the future, I’d love to work with them, aside from Gabbi (Garcia) of course.”

4) What are your future projects?

“So far, wala pang concrete na projects gawa nga ng current situation natin ngayon ay hindi pa masyado ‘mobile’ yung production of series; so I would have to wait a bit, hopefully soon pag nag-ease in na yung situation natin. But of course I’d be willing and open to be a part of teleseryes. But for now I will be a part of All-out Sundays. I have a couple of performances set to be released on All-out sundays so I’m gonna be going back to music. An episode of Magpakailanman is in the talks so hopefully soon. I’d be super happy to do some projects with GMA in the coming months and years to come.”

 5) Now that you’re a KAPUSO, do you feel like you’re starting over again?

“May ganung feeling…kasi siyempre lahat ng tao bago. Ang pinaka-kilala ko pa lang sa GMA ay yung team ni Gabbi {yung girlfriend ko} kasi na-meet ko na sila dati sa work. Pero pagdating naman sa career; may ganung feeling din kasi for the longest time, free-flowing na lang din yung career ko prior to signing with Artist Center; I’ve been doing films left and right pero mas steady. Pero ngayon, it reminded me of my career during its early stages….It feels new, but I am certain that it feels right, it feels special and I am very happy”

 6) Did ‘love’ play a role in your decision?

“I wouldn’t say pag-ibig; but of course it’s a big factor coz of Gabbi being part of the Kapuso network, of course I would love to work with her again. But then there’s another factor revolving around it. To give you more contexts behind the decision, it started back in January – February when the talks began. I was approached by the Artist Center just to see if there’s any interest in me moving to the Kapuso Network. At the time busy pa kami ni Gabbi prior to this pandemic, we really had a lot on our plates so at the time, I wasn’t able to meet them. So I told them ‘I’ll think about it and hopefully soon we could meet and discuss. Yun nga lang inabutan ng pandemic, everything froze. Right until around June – July that’s when the talks began again and I met with them for the first time through zoom, it wasn’t forceful they wanted to get to know me and my passions they wanted to know what I would want for my career, my trajectory as an artist. And they really made me feel that there’s really an avenue for the platform/art that I do, over at GMA. So that’s one of the biggest reasons; GMA Artist Center was all support; they’ve shown tremendous support from the get-go. And also they are open for opportunities that I have sa news and TV, not as a journalist; but It’s a dream of Gabbi and I to have our own culinary show. We are super fans of those kinds of shows. Sobrang nakakataba ng puso na naniniwala sila sa kakayahan ko as a storyteller.”

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7) Was it an easy decision?

“I wouldn’t say that it was an easy decision but it wasn’t hard also; it took a while because we’re talking about 9 year-long partnership with my previous network and the relationships I’ve built there and it is never easy to say goodbye to any group. It was a long process, I wanted it to be as proper as it could be, I didn’t want any bridges to be burned and thankfully GMA was very patient with me.”

8) How things are going to change now that you and Gabbi are on the same network?

 “For sure naman, It won’t be a big switch, of course we would be seeing more of each other sa network lalo na pag magkatrabaho na kami. I am very positive right now, Gabbi and I are incredibly happy. Of course all the butterflies in your stomach, all the kilig moments and fun moments together as a couple, the both of us really helped each other in all sorts of ways, in all aspects in life and she really is my better half.”

9) As a music artist, what are the things that you would like to explore more?

 “In terms of my Music career, I haven’t really gone to even 50% of maybe the ‘potential’ of my music career it’s because I unwillingly chose to pursue acting instead because I have more opportunities in acting. Wala pang concrete plans as of the moment but if ever; my brother is the more musically-inclined, hopefully if my brother is ready to pursue it professionally then that would be great. But what I really need for my music is someone that I could collaborate with musically kasi kailangan ko ng taong kayang mag-compose at magsulat and pangarap ko ever since is magka-banda kasi mas ganun yung genre ko (alternative rock)”

10) About GABRU love team’s fans (how was their reaction towards you?) and are you willing to go on a project involving the 3 of you?

 “Wala po ako masyadong nakita na comments from them… hindi ko po alam kung okay ba yung pagtanggap nila sa’kin, but kung ano man yung nararamdaman nila I’d completely understand it. I have nothing against them at all, if given the chance to work with them in a project of course that would be highly dependent on what type of project it would be; kung anong istorya {atleast for me}.”

11) Kumusta naman yung puso mo ngayon?

 “I’m as content as ever… sobrang overwhelmed pero sobrang content. sobrang happy and very excited as well; yung puso ko is on ‘cloud 9’ really and I’ve been receiving so much love.” 

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