The Department of Education ordered Wednesday the immediate recall of a self-learning module that reportedly depicted the role of the Armed Forces in the country’s peace and order in a wrong way.

07062020 MODULE ROMERO 1 1024x683 - DepEd orders recall of module for false depiction of military role in peace and order

DepEd informed and warned the public against a certain SLM being circulated among students. The SLM, DepEd explained, “violated social content standards by giving false illustration on the role of our military in maintaining peace and order in the community.”

 Citing the findings of its investigation, DepEd said that the module in question is “locally developed and did not go through the quality assurance process” of the DepEd-Cordillera Administrative Region.

“As of this date, immediate retrieval of the module has been ordered,” DepEd said. The agency added that “no module shall be distributed to the learners unless quality assured” by the division or regional offices.

DepEd assured that it will continue further investigation on the matter and that it will also “exhaust legal remedies and enforce appropriate action sanctions on those who prepared and distributed such modules to ensure that school learning materials foster quality education and the best of interest children.”

Since the new school year under the distance learning setup started in October, DepEd has been receiving reports and complaints on erroneous modules.

 In response to numerous reports about errors found in SLMs, the department officially launched on Oct. 12 its DepEd “Error Watch” initiative which uses three platforms for reporting which will validate errors for immediate and proper correction.

As of Oct. 23, DepEd said 41 errors have been found in SLMs – 27 are locally-developed errors; 11 errors from unknown sources; and three errors from Central Office-quality assured SLMs. DepEd said that the types of error reported and verified by DepEd range “from factual errors to grammar or syntax.”

DepEd has been under a firestorm of criticisms over erroneous modules since the school year 2020-2021 started. In some instances, DepEd has disowned erroneous modules noting that these are “not developed” by the department.

Last September, DepEd disowned a module attributed to the agency which used “dirty” names in some of its exercises. On Oct. 19, DepEd also disowned a learning module which discourages students from participating in peaceful assemblies or rallies.

On Oct. 28, DepEd also disowned a module which was heavily criticized by director and film producer Jose “Joey” Javier Reyes. Earlier last month, singer Lea Salonga also expressed frustration over the errors found in modules.

 A day after classes this school year started, DepEd was also called out for a wrong solution to a Math problem shown in its DepEd TV aired over IBC-13.

To help ensure that SLMs will be error-free, DepEd sought the help of at least 720 curriculum specialists or 45 curriculum specialists per region who will help in the conformance review of the modules for the succeeding quarters.

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