Five-time Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Coach of the Year Chot Reyes was already resigned to the fact that he’s done coaching both in the professional and international level.

Gilas Reyes - Chot Reyes thought he’d never return to coaching
Gilas coach Chot Reyes PHOTO BY

“We thought that chapter (coaching) was done and over. We had completely gone over the ‘coaching bug’,” said Reyes in Noli Eala’s Power and Play program Saturday.

“It was farthest from my mind that I will return to coach in the PBA because I thought my time was up. To be very honest, you can ask my wife, you can ask my family, we never thought that we would be back,” added Reyes, who led the Talk N’ Text franchise to four championships.

His first stint with TNT started from 2008 to 2012. He just made his return last week.

So why the change of heart? Why return to the PBA when he was already thriving as a businessman, speaker, and a mentor?

Reyes said he simply can’t say no to his passion.

“First, coaching is really my passion. Coaching and building teams whether it’s in sports or in the business world. That’s really my passion and that really gets my juices flowing. Going into situations that there’s a need for a turnaround. I pride myself on my ability to turn around situations.

Reyes, an eight-time champion, added it would be a shame to turn down a job offer when millions of Filipinos have lost theirs due to this Covid-19 pandemic. It’s hard to say no to MVP, too.

“Most people are struggling to find a job in this pandemic and it’s a shame to turn my back to a job offer. Of course, MVP, I really owe a huge debt of gratitude to him. It’s really hard to say no to the man.”

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