Tips on how to manage stress and keep your mental health in-check from CEU’s ‘Ways of Wellness’ discussion

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In celebration of their 113th founding anniversary, Centro Escolar University (CEU) staged its first-ever online university convocation. The presentation surrounded the theme of “Ways to Wellness.” The topic is not just appropriate, but necessary to discuss. There are the prevailing public health issues due to the ongoing pandemic, which includes the mental health issues that plague society. For a fully functioning community, we need to critically address concerns of physical and mental health.

“In this program, we want to emphasize that the primary objective of the university during this year is not just continuing education and continuing engagement of all members of the CEU community. It is to keep everyone safe, and to preserve the health of everyone,” said Dr. Ma. Cristina Padolina, CEU president and chief academic officer, in her welcome message.

For the convocation, two experts in the field of psychology were invited to speak.

Dr. Lilian Ng Gui, psychologist and chairwoman of the counseling division of the Psychological Association of the Philippines, discussed how life has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She stressed how these changes could lead to overthinking, contributing to mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression if left unchecked. The decline in one’s mental health could have adverse effects on our lives, just like any other illness or condition. Given the new normal we currently live in, where we must accept Covid-19 as part of our lives until a vaccine is discovered, Dr. Gui shared with the audience ways to handle the adverse psychological effects.

Untitled3 - Celebrating 113 years, CEU focuses on mental health and wellness
Screenshot from the virtual convocation / Photo courtesy of CEU

The second guest speaker, Mr. Michael Jimenez, a nurse and teacher, complemented the discussion. While we are resistant to change, Jimenez started, our brains have the ability to adapt and restructure to repeated exposure to change. While it may be initially daunting and difficult, we are stronger than we think we are, so long as we manage the stress levels that come with change. Jimenez added that we ought to embrace whatever challenges come along because they shape us to become stronger individuals.

After the enriching talks, a question and answer portion was opened up to the lively and curious audience. Prof. Ricky Rosales and Prof. Angelito Aryan, Jr. of CEU served as moderators and hosts. To cap off the event, the audience was entreated to virtual performances from the CEU Singers Manila, Kim Correa of the CEU concert band, and the CEU folk dance troupe.

The virtual convocation was staged by CEU in coordination with the CEU Presidential Committee on Culture and the Arts (PCCA), which is chaired by Dr. Carlito Olaer.

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