Kapamilya star Bea Alonzo showed everyone how “Basha” would celebrate her birthday after she received her Silver Play Button from YouTube for surpassing the 100,000 subscribers mark.

“I will turn a year older and hopefully a year wiser din,” said Bea on her recent vlog.

This year brought Bea some lessons, pain that she really learned from, it did leave her anxious and worried about the future but she claims to always find the silver lining on everything.

The vlog started with Bea donating to the Saint Michael the Archangel Parish as she was joined by her “I AM HOPE” team, an organization founded by Bea and her friend Rina Navarro in March.

bea1 - Bea Alonzo receives YouTube Silver Play Button

It was initially formed to help the frontliners but now Bea claimed that they are doing more to reach out to those in need. This time at the BGC Parish with the help of Father ‘Bebet’ Rabonza IV.

Bea said” “Na-realize ko, bakit di ko ishe-share di ba? No man is an island… So this is my way of inspiring people and calling your attention that there is an organization that can be the middleman from you to the people that needs help.”

After doing some charity activities, the Kapamilya Star was surprised by the sight of her “I AM HOPE” team’s birthday cake and arrangements; joyfully saying that it was her first celebration of her birthday this year.

The second part of the vlog showed Bea preparing her Cheese Board in a food and lifestyle show manner.

bea2 2 - Bea Alonzo receives YouTube Silver Play Button

Bea also shared her personal preferences in making a Cheese Board.

“You have to know you have to go clockwise from softest to hardest and then the sharpest. Usually I don’t follow that. I just go with the flow; also to me it’s like an expression it’s like a painting … your board is your canvass and you can have fun with it.”

Bea’s weekend birthday celebration wrapped up by welcoming her guests at her home.

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