Philippine National Police-Aviation Security Group (PNP-AVSEGROUP) has intensified security at the vicinity of Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminals to avert terrorist acts that threaten civil aviation.

PNPAvsec01 1024x768 - Aviation cops ready to avert threats at NAIA

Police Lt. Col. Christopher Melchor, officer-in-charge of the Aviation Security Unit-National Capital Region, they are conducting “Shock and Awe” exercises from 8 a.m. to 8:33 a.m. daily at the Landside Area of NAIA Terminal 3 in Pasay City.

Shock and awe is a tactic based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular display of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy their will to fight.

The PNP AVSEGROUP’s move is in preparation for any threat in the airport.

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