Twenty-three lawyers and a priest will undergo boot camp training at the Philippine Coast Guard Base Taguig Training Center to better serve under the country’s maritime law enforcement body.

PCG 1024x577 - 23 lawyers, priest undergo Coast Guard training

The trainees, who belong to the Coast Guard Officers’ Course (CGOC) Class 26 – 2020 “Charlie”was welcomed by Rear Admiral Artemio Abu, commander of the Coast Guard Education Training and Doctrine Command (CGETDC) in a ceremony Monday.

“I am confident that each and every one of you will significantly help us in upholding the relevance and significance of the PCG as a credible government institution,” Abu said.

He emphasized the importance of the boot camp training in preparing their bodies, minds, and hearts in the duties and responsibilities of public servants under the country’s maritime law enforcement body.

“In this course, we will introduce the unified essence of military professionalism characterized by discipline, commitment to endure, and skills to survive,” the commander said.

“Never entertain the thought that this course is just an insult to your intelligence. I am reminding you to keep in mind that there are sufficient reasons why we require all of you to undergo such activities,” he explained.

Before the start of the training, the CGETDC Commander also gave a wise advice to the 24 officer candidates and encouraged them to finish the course in unity, founded on trust and respect with one another.

“I want all of you to take the reception ceremony positively — full of enthusiasm and vigor. It is intended to give all of you a common experience that will serve as your common denominator, not only among yourselves, but also with other CGOC classes. Through the conduct of this ceremony, we will set equality among you and teamwork will be easily at play,” Abu added.

Meanwhile, 130 Coast Guard officers were promoted on Monday to the next higher ranks of Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) and Lieutenant.

Of the 130 newly-promoted officers, 90 are LTJG officers and 40 are lieutenants.

During the donning ceremony, Admiral George Ursabia, PCG Commandant, encouraged the officers to “expose yourself to the actions at the frontline because when you become senior officers, your personal experiences at the frontline will help you make sound judgment.”

“You are the future leaders of the Coast Guard. As early as now, be mindful of how the Coast Guard will be in your time and beyond. Earn the respect of the people you serve. Be messengers and instruments of the Coast Guard through the provision of quality public service — and what is quality public service? It is serving with humility and compassion,” Ursabia added. 

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