TAGAYTAY CITY, Cavite: The local government has ordered establishments here to shut down every Monday for disinfection, starting October 5.

Tagaytay City - Tagaytay City mayor’s order: Never on Monday
AMEN The Praying Hands in Tagaytay City is a popular spot for selfies and other photo

Under an executive order, Mayor Agnes Tolentino said fast-food joints and other restaurants, markets, amusement and theme parks, and souvenir shops need to close on Mondays for disinfection.

Hotel guests, however, are allowed to avail of food and beverage and housekeeping services.

Offices and agencies in the area that operate from Monday to Friday are required to conduct disinfection on weekends.

Establishments caught violating the executive order will be ordered closed for one week for the first offense and one month for the second offense.

Tolentino said the move was aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in Tagaytay City, a major tourist draw.

Tagaytay has a total of 141 Covid-19 cases, 116 recoveries, 22 active cases and three deaths.

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