By Charissa Luci-Atienza

Southern Leyte Rep. Roger Mercado vowed yesterday to refile a bill seeking the implementation of a “one-way traffic system” along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) to ease the worsening traffic woes in Metro Manila.

181218 CARMAGEDDON SEASON 05 BALMORES - Solon to refile bill seeking the implementation of a ‘one way traffic system’ in EDSA


He said his proposed “One Way Traffic System” proved to be effective in Maasin City and should be adopted in Metro Manila to address the monstrous traffic situation.

“We encourage the government to give it a try. It is very effective in Maasin City,” Mercado said.

He said a one-way traffic flow along both sides of EDSA should be implemented to address the traffic congestion in the metropolis, citing that traffic congestion along EDSA has worsened all these years despite many schemes being introduced as a remedy.

“We should implement the “One Way Traffic System” along EDSA. From Caloocan Rotunda via EDSA towards Roxas Boulevard then Quiapo going to Caloocan Rotunda. It’s just like a loop,” he reiterated.

“It is about time to consider another scheme for this perennial problem. Putting EDSA under a one-way traffic flow could possibly ease the congestion of EDSA that Metro Manila residents have been enduring for many years,” Mercado stressed.

Mercado had filed House Bill 8533, which provides that the vehicular traffic flow along both sides of EDSA in Metro Manila is mandated to follow a one-way direction in either north or southbound direction as it may deem fit by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA). The bill had been pending with the House Committee on Transportation since November 13, 2018.

HB 8533 empowers MMDA to choose a counterpart thoroughfare that will form part of a traffic loop in which EDSA is a significant part thereof to be known as the Metro Loop.

The bill provides that one-way direction of traffic along Metro Loop may be changed for purposes of easing traffic congestion or in cases where the MMDA may deem it necessary.

The measure tasks the MMDA to formulate the implementing rules and regulations of the proposed Act.

Actor-turned-Manila Rep. John Marvin “Yul Servo Nieto also filed a similar bill to ease the traffic congestion in the metropolis.

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