By Chito Chavez 

With consumers starting to flock to retail and wholesale stores for their early holiday shopping, a Quezon City councilor asked the city’s Market Development and Administration Department (MDAD) and other concerned city offices to begin conducting surprise inspections of weighing scales in wet markets and similar establishments.

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Councilor Victor Ferrer Jr. issued the call after receiving complaints that some consumers were victimized by errant traders and vendors using defective weighing scales.

In the past joint forces of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) and the city hall teams of the Treasury Office and MDAD had seized unregistered and defective weighing scales at Commonwealth Market and Litex wet and dry markets.

The two markets have been constantly the subject of complaints of having defective weighing scales prompting Reyes to call concerned offices to start their rounds of such establishments.

With pork being sold at roughly P240 per kilo, Ferrer said that wet market clients are being shortchanged by P24 for every 100 grams of underweight items given to them.

Assuming 50 clients are duped by the unscrupulous vendors daily, Ferrer said the public stands to lose P1,200 per day due to the defective weighing scales.

“Commonwealth Market and Litex Markets are not being singled out. The purpose is for the concerned agencies to conduct an intensified and all-out campaign against unscrupulous vendors,’’ Ferrer said.

If possible, Ferrer urged the public to purchase their daily market needs in reputable markets and supermarkets to escape the duping ways of deceitful and corrupt traders.

Aside from the selling of double dead meat (botcha) or African Swine Flu (ASF) infected pork products, Ferrer said the perennial problem of defective weighing scales has plagued the consumers in the city.

But, Ferrer said that city hall personnel conducting market inspections should be accompanied by armed policemen as past violent incidents indicated that goons and the vendors themselves tried to inflict harm on the raiding team.

If he had his way, Ferrer said that he would like long jail terms and stiff fines for the guilty parties who are duping the public of its hard earned money.

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