The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has set an ambitious goal: a drug-resistant Philippines and “self-policing” communities by 2030.

pna wilkins villanueva - PDEA: PH to be drug resistant by 2030
Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency director-general Wilkins Villanueva. (PNA file photo by Jigger J. Jerusalem)

PDEA Director General Wilkins Villanueva on Tuesday said the anti-drug agency came up with the PDEA Strategic Direction 2021-2030 to present “organizational outcome, vision, mission, core values and the strategic perspectives and objectives in the pursuit of the agency’s goals.”

To make this vision a reality, the PDEA enacted a “mission of championing,” reducing illegal drugs affectation through the implementation of its Barangay Drug Clearing Program (BDCP).

The BDCP intends to integrate supply, demand and harm reduction strategies on illegal drugs, the PDEA’s main framework that “embodies a holistic and whole-of-nation approach” in addressing the country’s drug problem.

In addressing the narcotics problem in the country, the program enlists the participation of local government units, government agencies and various stakeholders of the Duterte administration’s national anti-drug campaign.

“The organizational outcome of PDEA is to reduce drug-affectation in the country, seeing to it that no illegal drugs can thrive in the barangays through vigilance and commitment in fighting the drug menace,” Villanueva said.

Also included in the agency’s strategic objectives is the “effective and efficient” delivery of citizen-focused services to ensure that all villages in the country are free from illegal drugs; the safeguarding of the public from illegal drug activities and drug personalities; and the provision accessible venues in reporting drug-related activities, Villanueva explained.

The PDEA also aims to synchronize and “progressively implement” all of its anti-illegal drug initiatives and quality management system “to optimize customer satisfaction.”

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