By Jean Fernando

The Parañaque City government came out with an advisory on the home quarantine guidelines that must strictly be followed by the city residents in fighting the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID 19) in the city.

paranaque - Parañaque issues quarantine guidelines

(Screenshot / Facebook / Mayor Edwin L. Olivarez / MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)

The guidelines are supported by a resolution passed and approved by the City Council during its special session

Under the guideline, Mayor Edwin Olivarez said the city government will issue one “home quarantine pass (HQP)” for each house, apartment unit, and condo unit. The HQP will be issued to a member of the family 18 years old and above to enable them to leave home and buy basic necessities of the family, like food and medicines, or in going to banks, remittance centers in receiving or sending money as well as in going to the hospital from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. only.

Olivarez said t only essential workers reporting for work will be allowed to go out of their homes even without HQP.

He also said that households can indicate two names in one quarantine pass, but only one will be allowed to go out at a time.

The mayor said senior citizens and persons with disability must identify a person as their representative to whom the HQP will be issued in buying their needs.

Olivarez explained that if something happens to the HQP holder and could no longer get out of their house, the barangays will conduct verification and issue a new HQP to qualified member of the family, while the previously issued HQP must be surrendered.

Olivarez asked all HQP holders to strictly follow social distancing wherever they go.

The mayor warned that a holder of an HQP is not allowed to roam around the city and those who will be caught will be ordered to go home.

Violators of the guidelines set by the city government will be apprehended and will be brought to a holding area for verification and will undergo lecture on the effects of the coronavirus, Olivares said.

The HQPs will be distributed free of charge by the barangays and authorized persons of homeowners’ and the neighborhood associations.

Under the guidelines, outstanding dues should not be a reason for neighborhood and homeowners’ associations to deprive a resident of an HQP.

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