By Hanah Tabios

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagaso has rewarded with employment regularization nine city hall employees with job order (JO) status.

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The 3 honest MTPD officers presented by Mayor Isko Moreno Damogoso (Photo by Christian Turingan/MPIO/ MANILA BULLETIN)

Domagoso announced the regularization of the city hall employees during Monday’s flag-raising ceremony at the Bonifacio Monument in Ermita, Manila.

Domagoso also presented and recognized before the city hall employees and guests three traffic enforcers from the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) who refused to accept bribes from a traffic violator.

They were Eduardo Lambino, Kenneth Naval, and Edwin Tria.

Domagoso said the three of them instead reported the incident to their office for proper sanction.

“Itong tatlong ito ay gumawa ng kabutihan bagama’t wala ako doon, bagama’t wala naman ang kanyang mga pinuno o namumuno sa kanila. Sila po ay binibigyan, tinukso ng pagkakataon,” he said.

Domagoso lamented that some individuals seem to disrespect the duty of these enforcers thus, he said,

“Binabalewala ang kanilang ID, uniporme. Para bang nakagawian na sa lungsod ng Maynila na ‘matic na kapag nahuli ka bot-a (abot).”

And to honor such a feat, Domagoso said the three traffic enforcers will be regularized.

In the same event, he also ordered the regularization of six other city hall workers who have been working under job order status for at least eight years.

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