By Rizal Obanil

A post-stroke rehabilitation exoskeleton developed by De La Salle University (DLSU) may one day help physiotherapists provide a cheaper alternative for their patients.

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DLSU, in a Facebook post on June 5, Friday, shared an article that appeared on the SciDevNet website.
Dubbed the “Agapay Project,” it involves the development of a “biomimetic exoskeleton” for the upper body, which will help stroke patients in their therapy.

“We anticipate the exoskeletons from the Agapay Project to be more affordable than others currently in the market,” Peter Tenido, project director, told SciDevNet.

The robotic exoskeletons can track the progress of patients and help “hasten the recovery process,” according to the SciDevNet piece.

The exoskeletons developed by DLSU can help patients rehabilitate the “shoulders, upper and lower arms, and wrists and hands.”

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