COTABATO CITY: The Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) now allows all its 80 members of parliament (MPs) to use their native dialects even during session hours.

BASMAN 300x300 - Bangsamoro allows 80 dialects in sessions
Lawyer Anna Tarhata Basman Photo from

Lawyer Anna Tarhata Basman, a member of parliament who heads the Committee on Accounts and Audits (CAA), on Thursday said they had adopted Resolution 349, or the “Organizational Structure of the Parliament,” allowing their members to speak their own
language so that they can be understood and not necessarily to speak in English only.

MP Basman said this improved structure envisioned a more robust for the parliament that delivers stronger legislative work in the Bangsamoro.

CAA has jurisdiction to examine and scrutinize all matters relating to income, revenues, internal auditing, and the expenditure plans of activities of the BTA, including all government ministries, bureaus and agencies of the Bangsamoro government.

Under the new , the BTA will have at least 1,215 personnel which, according to Basman, “cements the heightened relevance and professionalization of the departments, services and divisions of the Parliament, as we move forward with our duties as legislators.”

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