A flight attendant who lost her job to the pandemic is now into selling liquefied petroleum gas.

imageedit 1 7530060463 1024x1024 - A story of hope: Former flight attendant sells LPG after losing job to pandemic
(Photo courtesy of Maurice Maureen Avila)

In a now viral Facebook post, Maurice Maureen Avila said it took her long to accept her situation, feeling ashamed of being unemployed.

“It took me so long to accept and post this in social media. Madaming nagtatanong sakin pero hindi ko nirereplyan. Kasi nahihiya ako. Kasi feeling ko nag-fail ako sa buhay (A lot of people were asking me, but I never replied. I am ashamed. I feel like I failed in life),” Avila wrote.

“Gabi-gabi tinatanong ko ang Diyos, ‘Bakit kailangan mong kunin yung pangarap na pinaghirapan ko?’ (Everynight I asked God, ‘Why did you take away my dream? I worked hard for this),” she added.

After working in the skies for three years, Avila was among those retrenched last October 16 after the pandemic took a toll on the aviation industry.

Avila shared she felt “devastated” for two weeks. She refused to eat and cried every night, but eventually learned to accept it.

Avila and her boyfriend started selling LPG in September.

“Diskarte at sakripisyo ang bubuhay sayo at sa pamilya mo. Hindi opinyon ng ibang tao (Resourcefulness and sacrifice will feed you and your family. Not other people’s opinion),” Avila said.

“Hindi dapat ikahiya na natanggal ka sa trabaho. To others na nawalan din ng trabaho during this pandemic, don’t lose hope. Na-realize ko sa one and half month, na kahit anong gusto natin sa buhay kung hindi naman talaga yun ang plano ni Lord, kukunin at kukunin nya yung sayo (There’s no shame in losing your job. To those who also lost their job to the pandemic, don’t lose hope. I realized in one-and-a-half month [of being unemployed] that whatever we want in life, if it’s not the Lord’s plan, he will take it away from you),” she also said.

Avila also encouraged her fellow flight attendants who are still hoping to return to work to never lose hope.

“Kita-kits tayo sa grand hiring. Sabay-sabay tayo mangarap uli, sabay-sabay tayong lilipad uli (Let’s see each other again at the grand hiring. Let’s dream together again, let’s fly together again). There is always hope and always keep in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

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