The country’s public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization program was recently rolled out in the Queen City of the South with the launch of 55 units of the modern People’s Jeep to ply different routes around the Metro Cebu area.

bus davao - 55 modernized jeeps roll out in Cebu
Cebu rolls out environmentally compliant jeep. PHOTO BY CPMPC

The new jeep will use the all-new Durabus Zhongtong Class 2, which is compliant with the Philippine National Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry.

It features a global positioning system device, speed limiter, front and rear cameras, indoor TV, air-conditioning, foam seats and security close-circuit TV.

A project of the Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CPMPC), the rollout is by far the biggest launch in line with the full implementation of the Duterte administration’s PUV modernization program.

The People’s Jeep is powered by environmentally compliant Euro 4/5 diesel engine, which significantly reduces carbon and sulfur emissions.

Fare payment is through the automatic fare collection system (AFCS) required under the PUV modernization program. The CPMPC has partnered with AF Payments Inc., the country’s leading AFCS provider known for the Beep Card.

There are currently 12 units plying Route 13C, which runs from Colon Street in downtown Cebu City to the outer barangay (village) of Talamban.

The CPMPC is one of the country’s biggest and multi-awarded cooperatives with more than 70,000 members nationwide.

It was founded in 1972 in Cebu City to test the viability of a service-oriented organization of micro, small and medium enterprises, professionals, housewives, farmers, fisherfolk and people from the informal sector.

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