CABAGAN, Isabela: Mayor Christopher Mamauag of this town on Thursday led 2,000 people in eating a 500-kilo “Pansi Cabagan,” as part of the week-long Pansi Festival of Cabagan.

VISAYA MTIMES Pansi2 - 2,000 partake of 500-kilo ‘pancit’ in Isabela town
BIG MEAL Residents of Cabagan, Isabela have their hands full in eating all the noodles they can on Thursday during the Pansi Festival of the town. For plates, they used giant bilao (woven trays). PHOTO BY VINCE JACOB VISAYA

The pansi (an Ibanag term for pancit or rice noodles), which was consumed at the Cabagan Square Park on January 23 and was gone in almost half an hour on January 23, was part of the weeklong Pansi Festival of Cabagan town here.

Saying the Year of the Rat, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, would bring good fortune, Mamauag noted that the pansi had been etched in the history and culture of villagers in Cabagan.

“This (festival) is a testament to the thriving native noodle industry [in the town] and a tribute to our farmers,” he added.

Cooks from different barangay (villages) and restaurants used 200 kilos of miki bihon, 100 kilos of pork and fish, 200 quail and chicken eggs, chicharon (crispy poek belly), tinapa (smoked fish), hibi (dried shrimp), tuna, squid strips and vegetables in making the noodles, which were then served in a gigantic bilao (native woven trays).

Other events lined up until Saturday for the Pansi Festival include a sports competition, senior citizens night, beauty pageant and street dancing com.

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