“It’s Showtime” host Vice Ganda took his fans to a wild and fun tour inside her newly constructed home together with her Funny assistant Erna and her ‘Russian Friend’ Annie.

In his latest vlog entitled “My New Valurs Tour (Part 1),” Vice Ganda said that the lot for the 1,300-square meter home was bought 5-6 years ago. It was originally intended for his grandfather who passed away before the initial construction started in 2017.

vice8 1 - Vice Ganda unveils new house in latest vlog

“It was mostly empty with most of the furniture still in boxes and containers. Palipat na ako ng March kaso biglang nagkaroon ng aberya, mga pandemic, nagka-lockdown…so di ako nakalipat. Yung mga gamit na in-order ko, hindi pa siya na-deliver…’ said Vice Ganda.

The interior of the house, which the ace comedian describes as industrial in style, showcases a lot of spacious rooms with ample storage spaces and a large kitchen.

Unconventional features such as a dish warmer, a “dumbwaiter” which delivers food from the clean kitchen directly to Vice’s room and an elevator for her mom was also included.

The showpiece “Kabayo” lampshade was also seen in the half-finished home.

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