How often do you hear people ask “where did the day or month go?” It seems every day passes by in just a blur. We live in a fast-paced world that sometimes, it feels that we can no longer keep up.

Now, living in the fast lane has become the norm. The value of digital technology for improving the quality of life has become limitless: Breaking geographical boundaries, improving home security, expanding access to education, enriching home entertainment through the multitude of online content, and so much more.

Now with PLDT Home Fibr’s free speed boost upgrades, you can enjoy better online experience and live a full life at full speed. PLDT Home Fibr subscribers can avail of free speed boost of up to twice their current speeds. Here’s are some of the advantages of what you could do with this free upgrade:

Accomplish daily tasks faster

Whether it’s reading about your favorite things online or doing research for school or work, faster internet means you get to surf, load more web pages, and browse through thousands of pages, all at the same time.

The Internet has not only transformed our daily lives, but also our workplace in so many ways. Instead of going through traffic and long-hour drives to a meeting, the Internet has enabled possibilities for efficient online collaboration and working with many files with no problem. Team members (wherever they are) can work on the same project simultaneously through cloud storage solution that can be accessed online.

All these benefits help us to become productive on a daily basis and enable us to catapult our career and pursue our personal passions through online education, working efficiently and faster so we can spend more time with our family.

Buffer-free streaming and downloading

Entertainment 1 - Top Things You Can Do Faster with FREE Speed Boost

From videotapes to CDs and DVDs, consumers have also switched to 4K and high-definition video content and Smart TVs. The wealth of online content and improving video quality have contributed to the growth of video-on-demand, online streaming, and HD channels subscriptions such as Cignal, Netflix and YouTube. 

Now with stronger internet services, you can stream, download, and watch HD videos on any device at home—on your smartphone, PC, or TV—without worrying about buffering. 

Lag-free gaming

Technology took the gaming industry to the next level. Both esports athletes and enthusiasts, regardless of age or generation, now have growing choices for online games—from console, desktop, to mobile—such as DOTA 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Tekken, NBA 2K, and so much more.

Have you ever had to deal with latency and really laggy online gameplay because of the multiple devices connected to your Internet at home? With Free Speed Boost, you can conveniently share your fast internet connection with the whole family while simultaneously streaming your online games. Faster internet means better gameplay, and better gameplay means more winning experiences for you.

Future-proofing your home

Filipino households and workplaces are gradually adapting to the Smart Home technology—a suite of smart devices that provide intelligent home security, connectivity, and entertainment. Mesh technology such as Google Wifi that covers the home with strong wi-fi connection makes this Smart Home system powerful and future-ready. 

With the increasing number of gadgets, it is also important to consider the rapid growth of smart home devices that entail additional bandwidth usage such as smart TVs, cameras, kitchen appliances, lighting, and sensors that help increase our efficiency, security, and control in our homes.

PLDT HOME Fibr Speed Boost means all these smart devices can hook up to your Internet and do what they do simultaneously, with no interruptions. 

With faster internet connection, you and everyone else at home can use even heavy-bandwidth applications all at the same time. Whether you’re simultaneously downloading games on your PC or console and working on large files on your laptop, you can still enjoy lag-free connection at home as much as you want and however you want.

PLDT Home Fibr’s Free Speed Boost is available with the following broadband plans:




now up to

Unli Fibr Plan 1299

5 Mbps

10 Mbps

Unli Fibr Plan 1699

15 Mbps

20 Mbps

Unli Fibr Plan 1899

25 Mbps

30 Mbps

Unli Fibr Plan 2899

50 Mbps

100 Mbps

Google Wifi Plan 2299

30 Mbps

50 Mbps

Google Wifi Plan 3299

60 Mbps

100 Mbps

Google Wifi Plan 4299

120 Mbps

150 Mbps

Google Wifi Plan 6299

250 Mbps

300 Mbps

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PLDT Home is the Philippines’ fastest fixed internet service, according to global internet testing and analysis leader Ookla®. Visit or check out PLDT Home’s latest TVC for more information.


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