Moms are famous for their many superpowers. Their bodies alone are designed to carry and develop another human being for nine months, and then nurture it with its very own magical milk. Their multi-tasking abilities are unmatched, able to play multiple roles at once, juggling different tasks simultaneously; you’d be surprised they only have one pair each of hands and feet like the rest of us. They also have seemingly psychic abilities called “intuition,” which in most cases, allows her to feel and know what her child is feeling or needing, even before it is verbalized, sometimes even before the child himself knows it!

All these superpowers reflect what is at every mom’s core: her heart that’s big and bright. A mother’s heart contains so much love, it envelopes and benefits not only her children, her entire family, but also her community, and beyond. This is because moms have another innate passion which is to share, spread, and pass things on.

Here are different ways moms “pass it on:”


Mothers are thrust into the role of being a teacher as soon as they have children, and have these little beings under their care and guidance. They share knowledge with their children, from their ABCs, to guiding them through their lessons, and passing on life skills.

Some moms have taken the role of teacher to another level, even sharing their wisdom and skills to other people, through mentoring, through formal classes and workshops, for personal and professional benefits. Whatever the motivation, the benefits are tremendous as learning always transforms people. Passing on knowledge and skill makes people grow, makes lives change always for the better.

Ana Niguidula is a well-loved teacher of all-natural home and skin care concoctions. Ana is the mom behind Body Food All Natural and the Bodyfood Maker’s Academy where she teaches classes like soap, candle, and balm-making in her nature-enveloped studio in Antipolo. Behind this passion for passing on these skills to others through her classes, she gently reminds moms to take time for themselves and be brave in learning something new, even when sometimes it’s out of their comfort zone.

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Actress and host, Dimples Romana, on the other hand grew up under the klieg lights of show businesses, married relatively young, and seems to have the natural ability to practice balance in her life—being an active and present mother to her daughter and son. Even with endless shooting days, Dimples puts in as much energy she gives to her work, into her home life as she often posts videos of casual cooking instructionals and also short advice stories on her Instagram which her followers benefit from. Recently, she launched her first book, “Dimps’ Tips,” a reflection of this young and purposeful mama. She is passionate about sharing her experience, very practical tips, and advice on running a home, and keeping her family whole and happy.


Finina Castillo is a techpreneur with several startups under her belt. What sets her apart is where her mompreneur heart is at. She has infused in her startups the advocacy to maximize the business of technology for both ends of the production line, for the clients of her company, Ground Rules, as well as for the tech builders in her team. She utilizes her business-savvy to balance profitability for her and her partners, while providing clients with smart yet cost-effective solutions to grow their business through tech. Finina has the magic of balancing the goals of various stakeholders, and this is because of her clear purpose of decoding the business of tech for everyone involved, making it a win-win for all.



Then we have the moms who go way beyond her home and takes on different advocacies as they recognize and work to address a dire need, or because they want to create change and push a movement forward, or quite simply because it is the right thing to do. Motivated by the desire to make things easier for less fortunate brothers and sisters, these moms so admirably carve out time in their already busy lives, to serve those in need, and in the process, better the lives of so many people. These moms make the world a better place.

Kate Moynihan is a wellness designer. Her certifications and licenses in aromatherapy, touch therapy, yoga, and various healing and coaching modalities can take up a full sheet of paper when listed down. Her eagerness to learn new things is something she doesn’t keep to herself. It is not unusual for people of her caliber to do talks and workshops to help other people live better, but Kate has created a channel called Healing Hands Academy where she teaches and personally trains moms from underprivileged communities and makes them skilled massage therapists. Through Kate, her therapist moms end up with gainful employment plus a marketable skill they take with them for their entire lifetime.


Like other couples, Chrina Henson and her husband went through the long and painful journey of trying to conceive a baby when they were newly married. It was a time when their patience and faith were put through fire, even their marriage was tested many times over. In 2017, they decided to explore the option of adoption. This experience was not only life-changing but also heart-opening, Chrina not only went on to bring home their beautiful baby girl, Chloe, but she went on to set up the ROHEI foundation, to help other parents find their own adopted angels.


Values create a sturdy sense of right and wrong, and become a guidepost toward the choices and decisions a person makes in his lifetime

RJ Dancel is a Digital and PR Manager for a multi-platform marketing and events agency which caters to mothers & families. This baseline utilizes her expertise in producing deeply relatable content, as well as interacting with all kinds of people. She is most passionate and in her element when she travels, most especially around the Philippines. Throughout her travels, she immerses herself in local communities, drawn to the mere idea of improving their lives by offering them opportunities for support. She always leaves the place wanting to know more. And this is the kind of passion and practice that she wants to pass on to her son. By immersing him at a young age, she creates a space for him to thrive—to learn about the bigger things in life, and to develop resilience and empathy through the experiences they share together.


As RJ reflects on her life so far, she sees strength. She continues to overcome bouts of self-doubt and darkness as she accomplishes one thing after another. No matter what comes her way, she faces the future with a huge, giving heart. Her mantra of doing good and being kind always, radiates to her family, extends to strangers, and reflects on communities she wants to help. This is the exact thing she wants to pass on – not just to her son, but also to the people she crosses paths with.


Born out of the desire to share her own discoveries and passions, couple with an entrepreneurial mindset, the mompreneur emerges. Enterprising moms have a mission to pass on a product or service she herself loves and believes in, usually something that has helped her in her own life, or she has seen as useful or beneficial in her life or another’s. She wishes to make it available to others using skills like marketing, selling, networking, and business acumen to make it revenue- generating as well. The mompreneur, through her business, utilizes her talents and abilities to reach customers and markets, while providing solutions to a need or challenge, hopefully making a profit, and providing employment to others.

Denise Aquino Posadas was a design student in Japan when she discovered something that was not available in the local market. Hair extensions then were all the rage in Japan, and she saw how it was a playful and fun way for women to experiment with their looks, express themselves, and also, in a way, practice self-care. She decided to bring this to the Philippines and now her company, Tokyo Posh has branches in various malls in the country. In Denise’s Instagram feed, you’ll see how her mompreneur passion not only gives her the venue to pass on her love for her brand, but also how even as a young mom with a toddler. She intentionally passes on experience in business to her child.



They say that parenting allows us to instill roots into our children so that they have good foundations when they fly and soar toward their dreams. No matter how independent we think we are, in reality, we are people made up of values, traditions, and experiences, passed on from our parents, their parents, and all those that came before them.

It is the work of mothers to pass on values and traditions to the children. Values create a sturdy sense of right and wrong, and become a guidepost toward the choices and decisions a person makes in his lifetime. Traditions, on the other hand, give people a sense of belonging and history. Every family has rituals, ceremonies, and ways to mark special occasions. When these are experienced and imbibed by the younger ones, they serve an anchor to their being.

Kat Limchoc is an advertising executive who fuses her passion for change-making with her creativity, energy, and marketing expertise. Since she was single, Kat has created her own annual tradition for giving back projects, plus instigates passion projects like her books, The Book of 40 and Princess Liv and the Strange Creatures, both family projects and both which raised funds for beneficiary foundations chosen by Kat. With the every burning desire to make a difference, Kat recognizes that this fire was passed on to her by her own mother, who, while raising the then-preschool age Kat, was a Namfrel volunteer, stopped tanks at the EDSA revolution, and fiercely took on causes she believed in.


Sam Lewis is a model and is also single mom to adorable Lucas. She has owned her role as a young mom and is intentional about being hands-on with raising her little boy. She believes that this strength comes from her own mother, experiencing firsthand how her mom raised her, also single-handedly, and is now also very involved with raising her grandson. The values of not only being an active and involved mom, even with the many challenges of single motherhood, Sam says she hopes to keep practicing kindness and compassion, something her mom taught her, and she wishes to pass on to Lucas as well.


As a photographer, if there’s any legacy Sheila Catilo would like to pass on to family, friends, and every person she’s met and photographed, it is to keep taking pictures—in both exciting and mundane times, when there is something to celebrate, or even when things are hard. Sheila has realized that the older we get, the more we experience, but also the more we forget. Everything that happens in life is fleeting, but if we have something to remember those moments by—to bring us back to the places we’ve been to, experiences that have shaped us, people we’ve shared our lives with—then we have not totally lost those memories.



When moms love something, they not only become loyal and passionate about it, they also make sure to share these discoveries, hacks, and interests with others that they know will benefit from. When we find products for our home, health, beauty, and our family, when we discover new places to visit and things to do with our children, mothers automatically tell other moms about it, knowing that if it helped her and made her happy, it will also help other moms who are undergoing the same challenges or have the same wants and needs as her. Mothers will also not hold back and will energetically pass on knowledge, tips, and hacks to herself if she knows it will make another person’s life easier, healthier, and more fulfilling in the long run.

Nicole Wuthrich del Rosario has always been athletic and a fitness buff. Even as she had her three children, she kept active, but now that her children are in their toddler years, she has found the time and groove again, and is back in full-on fitness mode. Nicole spreads her passion for being physically active and fit with other moms through motivational talks and her sharing on social media, but what is most inspiring is how she intentionally passes on the love for fitness to her children. At her son’s last birthday, Nicole creatively set up a fitness course, and made this a fun party game, her way of instilling a healthy lifestyle in her kids’ lives even while they are young.




When you come across Nicole Suarez, you’d think of her as a cool, hip, and happy-go-lucky young mom. This all changes, however, when you get the chance to talk to her and get to know her on a deeper level. Nicole is an advocate of financial wellness, and her naturally cool vibe comes out even in the way she shares her money tips online and through her talks. She is disarming and approachable, and makes the knowledge she is passing on more relatable.

Perhaps, everyone can attest. Mothers are truly the ultimate when it comes to giving and sharing of oneself, of passing on, in the most purposeful of ways, of time, energy, knowledge, values, and of love.

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