Vegan desserts?

gluten free dark choco cake - Sweet Tooth, Green Thumb

Gluten free dark choco cake

There were all these question marks going around inside my head when I was invited by PETA or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an international organization protecting animal rights, to sample and judge these scrumptious desserts, a far cry from my idea of vegan desserts years ago as no more than baby food-like concoctions. There were no more question marks after this tasting. Here are my highlights of this tasting affair.



lost bread - Sweet Tooth, Green Thumb

• Little Green Girl. Lightly spiced crust of buko tart to compensate for buttery flavor of short crusts since this is made of vegetable lard.

• The Apple Pie. It has fresh tasting filling but one does miss the buttery crusts.

• Green Bar. Holy donuts has good glazed donuts.

Delicielo Moringa Affogato. Brings out the toasty character of moringa with concentrated tea puree. It can stand up to matcha desserts anytime.

• Crème Brûlée Cashew Cheesecake. Soy based and delicious crisp texture

• Cholate. Sinful high fat ice cream almost like a marquise, Morena is made of pure Malagos chocolate. Diet Ako Bukas with its catchy title, is an equally rich chocolate ice cream highlighted by banana and nut.

• Corner Tree Cafe. It is not only gluten free but its chocolate cupcakes are wonderfully intense.

• Aging’s. Fresh roulade of suman and mango, custom made

• Ambassador’s Ice Cream. Horchata ice cream, a toasted rice and nut milk was my best choice among their ice creams; my second was Mango Biscoff, a plant ice cream with natural mango and cookie crumbs

• Jertie’s Kitchen. Dark chocolate gluten free and fruity dark chocolate; truly well-made recipe.

• Coffee Cashew Crumble. Great  espresso mid and back flavor aside from the moist banana and nut crunch

• Baking Owl. One of my top three exhibitors was the Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake, one will not miss the cheese on this soy-based dessert with a deliciously pressed cookie crust.

choco cashew crumble - Sweet Tooth, Green Thumb

Choco cashew crumble


cho late - Sweet Tooth, Green Thumb


• Chocolate Cherry Bars. They brought out delightful black forest flavors with a good chew and mouth feel.

• Tamis Bakehouse. An ultra-moist caramel apple cake that is worthy enough to be made into a wedding cake

• Cake Smith. Delicious moist prune cake with walnut crunch and date caramel sauce. Would be great ala mode as I went back and got a scoop of vegan ice cream

baking owl - Sweet Tooth, Green Thumb

• Super Scoops. Fabulous ice creams from Coconut milk, smooth fig-y textures. All ice creams from strawberries and cream, coffee cashew crumble, dark chocolate with its fruity, brandy like chocolate character were all world class.

 I’m Vento Box. Had great chewy dark chocolate brownies.

  Antojitos. The Maris peanut butter cups were outstanding since it had Reese’s as its inspiration

Lost Bread. Good soft serve textures on black cones. I particularly liked their light chocolate with granola

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