By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Parents will most likely get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right educational products for their children. There are so many out there that cater to different personalities and age levels that one doesn’t know where to start.

A haven for fun learning

The people at Kids Ink know this predicament all too well, which is why their stores are strategically grouped into different sections for easy browsing. “Our products offer a balance of traditional and innovative designs to meet the needs of kids who are growing up in the digital age. They share a common purpose of supporting children’s development as they shape their individual personalities,” explained Xandra Ramos-Padilla, managing director of Kids Ink.

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SALE ALERT Books, toys, and art supplies are up to 50 percent off at Kids Ink until Sept. 1.

Offerings such as books, educational toys, arts and crafts, stationery, and party essentials fill the shop, most of which are on sale (up to 50 percent discount) until Sept. 1. This gives parents a good reason to visit, shop, and stock up on great deals for the family.

Classes in store

Another added service is the store’s Creative Corner, where they host events for all age groups. It can also accommodate intimate birthday parties or small playgroups. There are art classes, slime-making workshops, DIY masks, clay decorating, Lego building, book launches, and even book readings. Their classes are well-thought-of, with staff that are trained to help improve the children’s skills and nurture their interests. “We’re constantly working on new ways to bring events and creative experiences to our stores that both kids and parents will enjoy. Coloring activities are also on hand for kids to participate in whenever they like, especially while their parents shop.”

A wide variety of educational items, paired with learning workshops make Kids Ink a must-visit. Xandra added, “We seek to provide a thoughtful selection of products for moms and dads who want to nurture their kids’ creativity and imaginative spirit.” And that’s every parent’s dream!

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