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For their “Culinary Masters Series,” Solaire recently brought in one of Singapore’s top celebrity chefs, Justin Quek, to our shores. The chef, in return, offers his signature style to Red Lantern and Lucky Noodles this month.

World-acclaimed chefs are invited to the resort and casino for special dining events and promos that highlight their culinary expertise. For the second leg of the series, Chef Justin came to the Philippines and introduced his Franco-Asian (a fusion of French and Asian gastronomy) flair to discerning diners.

Chef Justin, for those unaware, has worked in reputable properties all over Asia and in esteemed Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe where he sharpened his skills and established himself as a culinary talent, blending both the mastery of French techniques and his Chinese heritage. He was also the first Singaporean chef to serve the French ambassador, later becoming a partner and chef de cuisine for famed French fine dining restaurant Les Amis. Aside from these, Chef Justin managed to expand his presence in Asia by heading various French fine dining establishments across Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai before being invited back to Singapore to open and serve as the principal chef for Marina Bay Sands’ 240-seater fine-dining restaurant, Sky on 57.

JQ Lobster Hokkien Mee 1 - Singaporean chef Justin Quek Visits PH for the first timeJQ Lobster Hokkien Mee 

Aside from being a well-decorated professional, Chef Justin is also an entrepreneur. He launched Grignoter, the first wine bar in Singapore and Southeast Asia to be endorsed and supported by the Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB), three years ago. The same year, he opened Xingzhou Laoye, a luxe Southeast Asian diner, and Just In Modern French, a contemporary French dining room, both of which are in Beijing. His latest venture took him back to Marina Bay Sands where he is responsible for two new concepts: JustIn Flavours of Asia, a relaxed and laid-back restaurant that elevates the Singaporean comfort food experience; and Chinoiserie Modern Asian, an exclusive fine dining restaurant which only serves the best French-Asian cuisine.

We got to try the chef’s famous food creations in a curated degustation in Red Lantern, and it was truly a fantastic set. For starters, we had a serving of the Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche, Xiao Long Bao, and a Mushroom Cappuccino, which immediately got my attention. It was a pleasant and a very “Filipino” experience dipping bread into the mug of coffee-like soup that was refreshing and earthy at the same time. The light ceviche used ginger flower from Indonesia, giving it a bit of exotic zest. What came next stole the show. The JQ Lobster Hokkien Mee is a grand Singaporean version of the yellow noodle dish. It is savory and incredibly flavorful thanks to its lobster meat and special ingredient, a stock made from hundreds of potential lobsters—200 lobster eggs were used to make 10 liters of the stock. Depending on your tolerance for spicy food, you can add chili to cut through the rich bowl. For our mains, we had pig trotters with foie gras and wild mushrooms enveloped in lace fat. For our dessert, we had green rice flour jelly paired with Gula Java (coconut sugar in Java Islands) ice cream.

JustIN Chef Justin’s Signature Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao - Singaporean chef Justin Quek Visits PH for the first timeXiao Long Bao

Solaire’s vice president for food and beverage Knut Becker said, “The Culinary Masters Series is another example of providing the best experience to our guests that is distinctly Solaire. By bringing in renowned and internationally decorated chefs from all parts of the globe, Solaire gets to share the fascinating ingenuity and creativity that are behind some of the best gastronomic creations that have garnered praise and recognition, and at the same time, widen the culinary horizon of our patrons. We began with Japanese Three Michelin Star Chef Jun Yukimura, and now we bring another well decorated talent, Chef Justin Quek, for his first ever visit to the Philippines to introduce his creative fusion of French and Asian flavors and techniques.”

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