SPEX 2 - Shell Philippines Exploration Bags ‘Company of the Year’ Title for Energy at the 2020 International Business Awards (IBAs)

Innovation and tech-driven Shell Companies in the Philippines (SCiP) recently bagged seven Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards (APSA)—most notably for its Shell Philippines Exploration B.V (SPEX) arm, which was named ‘Company of the Year’ under the Energy category at the International Business Awards (IBAs). While Shell is known for being a major player in the oil and gas industry, they have gone well beyond this realm—spearheading campaigns that contribute to nation-building while elevating significantly the quality of life in the country. 

“At Shell, it’s not enough for us to be a global market leader in oil and gas. Our true legacy as a company is measured through the positive impact we make on the communities we serve and operate in,” said SPEX Managing Director and General Manager Don Paulino. “We’re happy that our work is being recognized, and we hope this will help set the standard for how industries go about their operations. Let’s all strive to make a meaningful difference for consumers, stakeholders, and society as a whole.” 

Cultivating a company of innovation
SPEX’s Malampaya Deep-water gas-to-power platform has been supplying up to 20 percent of the entire Philippines’ power requirements for almost two decades. By maximizing the indigenous natural gas from the West Philippine Sea, SPEX’s operations have generated over $11 billion in revenue for the Philippine government. A joint venture with the Department of Energy (DOE), Chevron Malampaya LLC, and the Philippine National Oil Company-Exploration Corporation, Malampaya is considered to be one of the largest and most significant industrial endeavors in Philippine history. 

This grand feat proves that SPEX is more than deserving of its ‘Company of the Year’ recognition from the IBAs. Also known as the “International Stevies,” the IBAs attract thousands of nominations from organizations—public and private, and for-profit and non-profit alike—across 63 nations.
It was not solely for their technical achievements that garnered them this recognition. This past year, SPEX has taken on the larger responsibility of supplying steady power during this pandemic. Despite the rising demands for energy brought about by a rapidly growing population, SPEX was able to keep the lights on for homes, hospitals, and essential businesses everywhere. Facing the challenges brought about by COVID-19, Malampaya was able to utilize the support from government and partner contractors to ensure that Malampaya Crew members can mobilize and demobilize safely, allowing them to continue their mission during these times. 

SPEX also launched several initiatives to help communities impacted by COVID-19. For instance, through the Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI), they introduced “Ani Para sa Bayani,” which aimed to bridge remote small-scale farmers with local governments—for the purpose of donating to food-insecure households and preparing nutritious meals for medical frontliners. 

Merging world-class expertise with local talent
The Gold Stevie Award in Innovative Management was given to Don Paulino. Since 2016, Paulino has been at the helm of the Malampaya project—the success of which signaled the birth of the natural gas industry in the Philippines. With his daring leadership, the SPEX team helped pave the way for the country’s energy independence. Paulino’s brand of management is a testament to Filipinos’ world-class leadership. Notably, Malampaya’s offshore team is also made up of 100% local talents, indeed putting Filipino excellence on the map and proving that they are just as capable of producing high-quality infrastructure. 

The Stevie Award is a prestigious global premier business award that spotlights the successes and contributions of businesses around the world. Shell received one gold, two silver, and four bronze awards across five of the eight total categories in the APSA—putting their innovative operations and positive impact on Filipino communities at the forefront. 

Empowering and uplifting communities
There has been a wealth of opportunities to channel the power of technology and innovation in creating a more sustainable planet for every Filipino, which is why Shell puts community at the core of their operations and consumer impact. In fact, SPEX’s “Social Performance” is anchored on these main principles: enhancing positive impact, mitigating negative impact, and creating social investments. This allows them to strike a much-needed balance between profit and purpose. 

SPEX 4 - Shell Philippines Exploration Bags ‘Company of the Year’ Title for Energy at the 2020 International Business Awards (IBAs)

One remarkable example of this is their Access-to-Energy project (A2E), which won them a Silver Stevie Award for Innovation in Community Relations or Public Service Communications. A2E has powered 40% of Palawan’s remaining remote indigenous communities using sustainable microgrid electricity systems. What were once areas left in darkness are now communities where families can thrive in light.  

True to SPEX’s goal of a sustainable environment, the company has also committed to raising awareness about the biodiversity of its areas of operations. Through one of its social development arms, the Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. (MBCFI), Shell won the Bronze Award for Innovation in Non-profit/NGO Publications for its launch of the Mindoro TREASURES Teaching Reference for Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Use of Resources.

SPEX’s program was able to elevate the quality of education for the students of Mindoro. Collaborating closely with Mindoro’s local government and the Department of Education (DepEd), they updated local teachers’ information on conserving biodiversity, and integrated the sourcebook in the local curriculum.

Additionally, the Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) also won a Bronze Award for Corporate & Community – Customer Engagement Event for Shell Rimula’s Tsuperstar, a campaign that sheds lights on jeepney drivers’ hard work. Through a singing competition, drivers are given an opportunity to express their talents and cultivate camaraderie among their fellow workers. 

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