K-pop idol group Seventeen’s special album has sold more than 932,000 copies and topped the weekly album chart.

Seventeen made their comeback by releasing the album “Semicolon” on Oct. 19, which contains the main track “HOME;RUN” and “Do Re Mi”, “HEY BUDDY”, “Light a Flame”, “AH! LOVE” and “All My Love.”

Based on Korea’s Hanteo Chart, “Semicolon” sold 932,054 copies in the first week of release from Oc. 19 to 25 to top the weekly chart for the period.

This is 165,837 copies less than Seventeen’s last album “Heng:garae,” which sold 1,097,891 copies in the first week upon its release on June 22.

Through “Semicolon,” Hanteo wrote, “Seventeen’s record ranks 3rd among the initial ‘chodong’ [first-week sales] records of male artists released in 2020 and total artists of 2020.”

2Seventeen HIRES 1 - Seventeen’s ‘Semicolon’ sells 932,000 copies to top weekly album chart
Seventeen (Pledis Entertainment)

“Semicolon” sold 297,370 copies on the first day on Oct. 19 followed by 144,982 on Oct. 20; 182,034 on Oct. 21; 114,058 on Oct. 22; 152,872 on Oct. 23; 32,865 on Oct. 24; and 6,872 on Oct. 25.

On Gaon Music Chart, “Semicolon” also topped the weekly music chart from Oct. 18 to 24 with sales of 899,370 copies.

Before “Semicolon” was released, Pledis Entertainment said the album had garnered more than 1.1 million in pre-sale orders that made Seventeen a “double million seller” together with the sales of “Heng:garae,”

On YouTube, the “HOME;RUN” music video has garnered 28 million views as of Oct. 28 since its release on Oct. 19.

During Seventeen’s online global press conference on YouTube on Oct. 19, S.Coups said, “I think our strength is the energy of our 13 members. We create music with our own stories, express them into performances, and we are solidifying our identity. Of course there are trial and error but I think we are creating our own color as we keep moving forward.”

“And many people say we are a group that leverages the large number of the team members very effectively. Even in the synchronized performances, we are still able to show all our different personalities of the 13 members and that is our other strength,” he said.

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