Senator Richard J. Gordon today strongly condemned the remorseless murder of Manila RTC Judge Maria Theresa Abadilla this afternoon.

GORDON 1 - Senator Gordon condemns killing of Judge Abadilla
Senator Richard Gordon
(Senate of the Philippines / MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)

‘’This is truly unforgivable. It has never been and should never be acceptable that we allow our citizens to be killed especially our judges,’’ Gordon, chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee, said.

Judge Abadilla was shot inside her office at Manila City Hall.

‘’This incident shows that even our judges are not safe from criminals that’s why we need to urgently pass our bill creating the Philippine Marshal Service, which will act as an independent arm that will ensure the security of the judiciary,’’ Gordon said.

‘’We also call on the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to report on their recommendation so that we can work on the passage of the bill,’’ he pointed out.

Gordon said judges have a vital impact on the people’s lives as they protect Filipinos’ liberties and rights.

‘’They help the victims of various violence and discriminations achieve justice. Without the judges, there can be no justice,’’ he stressed.

‘’This cruelty must stop now!’’ he added.

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