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Images courtesy of Jojie Lloren

FAB class - School of Fab

If you could put in one room the best minds the world of fashion and design have to offer, wouldn’t you do it? That’s, essentially, what the Fashion+Arts+Business Creatives, Inc. or simply F.A.B. Creatives wants to do with a scholarship program it has recently opened for students who have the drive to learn from the best of the best in the local and international fashion scene.

A project that was 17 years in the making, F.A.B. Creatives or the F.A.B. School was put up in October 2017 by Jojie Lloren, arguably one of the country’s renowned fashion designers. What he brought to this school, apart from his extensive experience in the industry, is a network of other highly talented fashion designers and creative luminaries.

Jojie in cllass - School of Fab

Jojie Lloren in class

Jojie wasted no time in getting these fashion mavericks and creative minds—his peers—to support his vision, one that every Filipino designer understands and champions: To enhance and promote the Philippine fashion industry by opening its doors to the next generation of creatives.

In the two years that followed, F.A.B. School has taken in a number of students. But Jojie wants to do more. “We noticed that a lot of the interested students would back out because the fees are beyond their financial capability,” Jojie say candidly. “We thought that among them could possibly be very talented and promising individuals who could be a future design luminary.”

FAB Creatives HQ - School of Fab

A PLACE FOR THE BEST From left: Inside F.A.B. Creatives

And thus the F.A.B. Scholar was born, which is open to Filipinos 18 years old and above, with at least a high school diploma. “The program is all about mentoring a group of eight students for one whole year,” he explains. “They would be taught by wellrespected practicing professionals on creative, technical, and business techniques in order to embark on their own fashion career right after finishing the program. I believe that there’s creativity in every individual. It’s just a matter of discovering and nurturing it.”

These mentors include the likes of Rhett Eala, Dennis Lustico, Inno Sotto, Joey Cobcobo, Mich Dulce, Jo Ann Bitagcol, Ivar Aseron, Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, Lesley Mobo, Rhoda Campos-Aldanese, Vic Barba, Sara Black, Robbie Carmona, Rita Nazareno, Maco Custodio, Luis Espiritu, Jackie Aquino, Ria De Borja, Apple Faraon, Jun De Leon, Noel Manapat, Joyce Oreña, Romain Rivierre, Cheche Moral, Raymond Paderna, Cherry Veric, Gian Romano, Alvin Matias, Pidge Reyes, Patrick Rosas, and Ariel Lozada.

FAB Creatives students with Inno Sotto seated in the middle Albert Avellana rightmost and the late James Reyes second from right - School of Fab

IN GOOD HANDS Jojie Lloren (seated in the middle) with F.A.B. Creatives students and mentors Inno Sotto (center, standing), Albert Avellana (rightmost), and the late James Reyes (second from right)

It’s a list that looks almost like the catalogue for a fashion show or a design award, but for Jojie it’s a list of friends. What helped, he says, was the flexibility of the schedules for the classes. This convinced all these designers to work with F.A.B. Creatives.

I believe that there’s creativity in every individual. It’s just a matter of discovering and nurturing it.

“They get to choose the dates and time of their classes. They do not get tied to us for a whole semester. A mentor might be teaching once or twice this year, the next one being several months or a year after,” Jojie adds. “It’s important to note that a course has two or more mentors handling it.”

F.A.B. Creatives’ comprehensive fashion program includes courses the expose students to the creative process, covering subjects like Fashion Illustration, Fashion Draping, Menswear and Women’s Wear Design, Creative Sewing, Fashion Accessory Design, and even Entrepreneurship and Portfolio Making.

Raymond Paderna giving a class - School of Fab

Raymond Paderna giving a class

While these are important for a design student today, Jojie says that it should be coupled with an excellent work ethic. “Knowing in which area if the industry they will want to excel in is of prime importance,” he explains. “It is a waste of time to try designing then move on to styling and end up blogging. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but you could spend all that time mastering in a particular field.”

Rita Nazareno - School of Fab

Rita Nazareno’s class on design

It takes years to master a craft and design students today should aim for this mastery, says Jojie, adding that “knowledge, passion, patience, diligence, professionalism are some of the tools to achieve it.”

And what better way to learn all these than from those who have proven themselves to be masters in their respective fields in the fashion and design industry.

Application for the F.A.B. Creatives Scholarship Program is open until Aug. 15. Interested students need to submit their contact details together with a 2×2 photo, birth certificate, and a motivation letter (400 words or less) explaining why they deserve the scholarship.

Requirements may be emailed to or mailed in a long brown envelope to F.A.B. Creatives Scholarship Program 2019, 3/F Paseo Tesoro Building, 822 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City. | (02) 541 1600 | (+639) 77 494 1842

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